Saturday, September 20, 2014

In St. Louis, Courageous White Man and His Girlfriend Risk Their Lives Filming Kidnapping and Attack by Three or More Black Men on Woman in Broad Daylight; Assailants Assault and Batter White Man, and Try Unsuccessfully to Grab His Camera; His Girlfriend Saves Him by Macing Attacker

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Blank Name,

You and your girlfriend are heroes. But please, as a previous commenter said, arm yourself with something more powerful than mace. I'm amazed those guys weren't more violent than they already were. Next time, you might get stomped, shot, or stabbed to death.

God be with you... and Smith & Wesson!


Did the police ever show up? And if so, how long did they take, after your girlfriend's call?

Incident on Grand Blvd, St. Louis, 9/18/14


Published on Sep 19, 2014 by Blank Name

(Written perspective by my partner:)

At 7:13 pm on Thursday, September 18, 2014, my partner and I were walking south on South Grand Blvd. in St. Louis, and we observed a white Chevy Blazer (license plate: EG8T3M) at the Pestalozzi St. intersection with both its back doors open and two black males blocking the open doors. A woman was trapped inside the car, and at least one of the males was punching her. One was wearing a white and blue baseball cap, black glasses, white earrings, a silver watch, a T-shirt with white and blue-green stripes, black shorts, and white tennis shoes with short black socks. The other man was wearing black glasses, white earrings, a black watch, a black hooded sweatshirt with large red letters on the front, blue jeans, and white sneakers. One of the males yelled into the car, “Bitch, I will kill you.”

After we crossed the street, we doubled back, and I began filming the vehicle while my partner called the police. After about 30 seconds of filming, the men saw us and became confrontational, pointing to the camera and insisting that I “put it up.” One man approached me until I had to hold him back with one arm. After another 30 seconds, after being held in the car by a passenger wearing red shoes, another young black man left the back seat of the SUV, punched the person inside who had restrained him, and ran toward me yelling “Get that motherfucker” and “Put that camera down!” This third assailant was wearing a green jacket, a black shirt with large white lettering, light brown pants, and black shoes.

I didn’t put the camera down.

Two of the men continued to try to intimidate me for another minute while I told them to back up and my partner finished her call with the police. One of the men returned to the car. About two minutes and 30 seconds into the incident, they began retreating back to the car while the man still at the car yelled into it, “Get the fuck out! Get out!” Just ten seconds later, the two men who had been retreating saw that I was still filming and yelled, “Lose the camera, man!” and began to rush me. They aggressively pushed me back from being able to film the vehicle and attempted to take the camera. The third rejoined them, and the three of them began to surround my partner and me. Approximately three minutes and and 20 seconds into the incident, the men began to assault me with punches and grabs for the camera, scraping my neck in the process but otherwise failing to land their attacks. Ten seconds later, my partner pepper sprayed the assailant in the striped shirt, and all three retreated immediately.

Once they were back in the car, they drove across South Grand Blvd. and into Tower Grove Park. The victim was presumably still in the back seat. There were at least six witnesses of the incident, and no one reported seeing the backseat passenger escape. There are at least two video records of the incident.

If you recognize anyone or any clues in the accompanying video, please call the St. Louis Police Department’s 3rd District at (314) 444-2500 with your information. The person who was in the back of the car may still be in danger.


Anonymous said...

Very often in these situations the violent blacks will retreat at any sign of strong resistence. They had the two outnumbered but not overwhelmingly enough and hadn't disabled them with sucker punches. They are always at heart, cowards. Like an animal in the wild will puff itself up to look bigger and stronger any white faced with racist violent blacks must adopt the same stance, you're odds are better than just rolling over and acquiescing, as many whites do, violent blacks pretty much react the same way as animals in the wild, if they think you might hurt them they usually back off. Jerry PDX

Kyra said...

Why did it take his partner so long to pepper spray the baboon????