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In New York City, Racist, Communist Bill deBlasio’s Racial Purge Continues: Fire Department Hires Incompetent Blacks, and then Supports Their Harassment of White Firemen, and Violation of Latter’s First Amendment Rights



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The Vulcan Society is a racially segregated organization that is comprised of incompetent black supremacists who have been politically hired by the FDNY, thanks to two racial socialists: Federal judge Nicholas Garaufis, who has lied for years about the FDNY’s exam and hiring practices, and Mayor Bill Wilhelm deBlasio.

Vulcan, Graufis, and deBlasio are dedicated to racially cleansing the FDNY of white firemen, eliminating merit as a hiring factor, and silencing any whites who oppose them.

Firefighter scorched over T-shirt smashing affirmative action
By Michael Gartland
September 12, 2014 | 9:11p.m.
New York Post

A veteran smoke eater is in hot water over his choice to wear a T-shirt promoting the Merit Matters group that opposes changes to the department's entrance exam.

The FDNY is hosing one of its own for wearing an ¬anti-affirmative-action T-shirt — just a week after Mayor de Blasio told city employees it’s up to them how they dress at work.

Thomas Buttaro, a 12-year FDNY veteran who works at Ladder 123 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, faces disciplinary charges for wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with a “Merit Matters” logo while on duty.

“They’re disciplining him for something they’ve never disciplined anyone for before,” said Buttaro’s lawyer, Adam Weiss. “It’s a First Amendment issue. This is about the right of someone being able to express an opinion. It’s not about discrimination.”

Buttaro, who is white, got into hot water in May 2012 after he and a black colleague argued over a lawsuit filed years earlier by the Vulcan Society, Weiss said.

The Vulcans, a fraternal group of black firefighters, won a discrimination lawsuit last March that resulted in a $100 million settlement to minorities after the FDNY entrance exam was ruled biased.

Merit Matters — self-described as “an advocacy group dedicated to preserving merit in FDNY testing” — is opposed to changing the admissions process to give minorities a leg up over white recruits.

Buttaro believes he was within his rights to wear the T-shirt.

“[The other firefighter] was talking about the lawsuit. My client said something to the effect of ‘Stop whining,’ and [was told], ‘I don’t like your shirt,’ ” Weiss said. “He [his colleague] filed a complaint a week or two later.”

The FDNY didn’t bring charges until September 2013, said Weiss.

A week ago, de Blasio said teachers were within their rights to wear NYPD T-shirts in school to support cops following a teachers-union-backed protest against police brutality on Staten Island.

“How you should comport yourself at your workplace, and the individual choice you make — that’s up to the individual,” the mayor said at the time.

A de Blasio spokesman and the FDNY declined to comment on Buttaro’s case.
The Vulcans did not return calls.

An FDNY source noted the department has stricter rules than the school system because it’s structured along paramilitary lines.

“We have rules about what you can wear in the firehouse,” the insider said. “We’re a uniformed agency. You can’t wear this in the firehouse. Our lawyers are going to argue that this was intentional and designed to antagonize a colleague.”

The source also claimed Buttaro wore other, more offensive shirts, but Weiss says he only wore them off duty, including one which says, “MADD: Minorities Against Dumbing Down” and “getting it the old fashioned way — earning it.”

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Anonymous said...

I spotted this in our local "news"paper, though the story was exiled to the back pages. It's a gruesome hideous crime that seems like it should merit front page national coverage, oh except the per was black and the vic was white. I think this could come under the category of a workplace "shooting" except this guy didn't have a gun so used a knife. If he had a gun it's likely the toll would have been much higher.
It wasn't enough that he stabbed a woman to death, he CUT OFF HER HEAD! Cutting off a head is not something that is easily and quickly done with a knife. This indicates an sick inner desire to mutilate, this man had a bias, media will ignore the reality that his bias was likely race motivated.
Check out the headline on the link I'm sending: "Alton Nolan *allegedly* beheads Oklahoma coworker after firing".


I guess he's innocent until proven guilty but I don't think there's anything alleged about a human head being separated from it's shoulders. Somehow if the perp was white I don't think there would have been any kind of "alleged" in the headline.

The victims name was Colleen Hufford and is a white woman, I looked up her name online and found her picture. The 2nd victims was a woman also, named Traci Johnson, I'm not sure about her race. The stories are indicating that he took this action after being fired but noting he targeted females and took such extreme action suggests to me he is a black man who desired to have sex with white women but none would have him, with black men that often results in rage that results in sexual violence of some kind.

Also, he was recently converted to Islam and seems to share the Islamic obsessioin with beheading. Jerry PDX