Monday, September 22, 2014

When You Go… Black Shoots Mother of His Child to Death at Point Blank Range, as She Holds Their Newborn, Then Kills Self; Mom Saves Baby, Who Floats in Toilet for 13 Hours, but He Has Traumatic Brain Injury


Jessica Arrendale and baby Colbie: They never learn

Scowling murderer-suicide Antoine Davis

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Thanks to reader-researcher Jerry for this story.

Georgia mother killed trying to protect baby who survived 13 hours in toilet

Published on Sep 19, 2014 by ApkantHD.

SMYRNA, Ga. — A Georgia mom is being hailed as a hero, spending her last moments alive protecting her 6-month-old baby.

According to WGHP, 33-year-old Jessica Arrendale was with her husband, 30-year-old Antoine Davis, Saturday night when the former Marine grew violent and abusive.

Davis grabbed a gun, and ran after Arrendale, who took her baby daughter and locked themselves in a bathroom. But police told WGHP that Davis was set on destruction, and broke down the bathroom door and shot Arrendale in the head.

Police called to the scene by neighbors did not immediately enter the home, fearing their actions could harm Arrendale, as it was unknown if she was alive or dead. But when they finally entered the home, they found Arrendale dead in the bathroom, leaned over the toilet.

Inside the toilet, police said, they found the baby girl, apparently hidden there by her mother as a last act. The mother’s body was partially covering the baby, police said.

Davis was found dead in another room in the house from a gunshot wound.

Arrendale’s family believes Davis would have also shot the baby, had it not been for her mother’s last act to hide her.

Friends and family have set up a gofundme page to help offset the cost of the funeral and aid in the education of Arrendale’s children.


Chicago guy said...

The woman, according to news accounts, also has a fifteen year old daughter in addition to this six month old. This single mother was irresponsible in bringing this violent animal into her home. He's also rather ugly so it's hard to see what she, or anybody else, could see in him. This took place in her three story townhome so it looks like she was well off making it apparent he was also something of a leech. They describe him as an ex-marine but what about since then? Any jobs? He had two children by a previous girlfriend so he was a well traveled hound-dog. Her family is setting up a fund for her children. His family? Probably zilch like all the rest of the worthless bunch.

Dr. Dissent said...

@Chicago guy

The diversity madness struck this bimbo hard.

Even if the feral simian just grazed her and he didn't end up offing himself, she would be right back with him or another one just like him

I know a lot of people think what I am about to say is cold and cruel, but good riddance to all of them including little Shitaralius.

The sad part is that no matter how many white women are raped, beaten, abused, or killed by these savages, they just never learn.

I am just glad she won't be breeding any more of those creatures she seemed so fond of.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nicholas
This article caught my eye as a side story in MSN. It does not tell the race of the perp or the victims. However, there are some elements that are suggestive that the perp (kid) is black. We may never know for sure because he is "underage" so his identity won't be announced nor his picture shown in the mainstream news, if the news even bothers to follow up on this story that is, if he is black then it's less likely it will.
Reasons I suspect he is black:

1). Sexual crimes by school age children are more often than not black kids. That's the obvious one we all know but I had to say it.

2). The sheer brazenness of the assaults - a kid luring other kids into the bathroom to assault them, not just once but multiple times.
Usually it's black kids that have that lack of fear of consequence.

3). The fact that the teachers and admin felt they needed to "prove" he was guilty by catching him in the "act". After all if there were victims there should have been witnesses and some physical evidence, isn't that enough to at least confront a perp and bring police in? That kind of paranoia of false accusation is usually an indication the suspect is black. If it was a white kid an accumulation of evidence would be enough to take action, heck, just the suspicion of one act would have been enough, only a black receives this kind of consideration.

4). It's all being turned around to focus "blame" on the teachers and admin for putting the child in danger of being sexually assaulted. Yes, they screwed up with their plan to catch the punk but he would have continued with the assaults anyways, at least they tried to do something about it. I predict if this story gets any more attention it will be all about how the teacher "caused" the sexual assault as if the actual rapist doesn't even exist. We all know if the media has a way of distracting away from black violence, especially sexually related crimes.

Now, if it turns out the perp isn't black this may all seem like a big false accusation but most of the time you see these elements it usually is a black perp. I'm going to keep poking around social media and alternate sources and see if I can find something about this. Sometimes you can dig up some truth re these kind of situations, sometimes you can't but we'll see. Jerry PDX

Gustines said...

She gets shot to death by her husband who had been abusing her,and her baby is now a brain damaged orphan ward of the state, but it was all worth it because she gets to have on her tombstone,"See, I'm not racist, I married a black guy".

Elliot Foley said...

Another fine example of the Eloi tax. In this case, she paid it with not only her life, but with her own child's. Actually, the child will be worse off than dead and a HUGE drain on us all for round the clock care. So we ALL will be making a little Eloi tax payment because of her.

Sadly, for many women, the Eloi tax payment will be the last lesson they ever learn.

Unknown said...

You're an absolute monster.