Sunday, September 28, 2014

Police: Black Moslem Convert Alton Nolen’s Beheading of a Female Colleague Colleen Hufford was Just a Random Workplace Beheading Having Nothing to Do with Islam or Terrorism (Let Alone Race!)


War crime victim Colleen Hufford (Facebook)

War criminal Alton Nolen used a classic method for dealing with non-Moslems who refuse to convert

By David in TN

They always have to work the word “random” in somewhere.

Muslim Convert Alton Nolen Beheaded a Coworker at a food plant Thursday. He had been trying to convert his coworkers to Islam. Alton Nolen stabbed his coworker and cut her head off in the customer service center. Police say the… (Gateway Pundit)


Anonymous said...

Yet another (does it ever end), black man in an attempted rape, fortunately thwarted but he nearly shot two women for fighting back. The actual crime happened a couple years ago, this is the sentencing after the trial (two years? wheels of justice are slow). This is a local crime and I don't recall hearing anything about it when it happened, not surprising since the media sometimes outright ignores black crime of this nature. This POS also sexually assaulted a 6 year old girl, he was only 22 years old at the time of this attack and attempted murder so he didn't have a lot of years before this to have committed that child rape crime. He couldn't have spent much time in prison for it, I guess black men and child rape don't merit much jail.
He got sentenced to 27 yrs and is 24 years old, highly unlikely he'll serve anywhere near the full 27 so he'll be plenty young enough to rape more little girls when he gets out.
His defense lawyers says he had "a difficult childhood" (cue me the violins) but is an intelligent, creative young man (implying it's a waste for him to spend so many years in prison). Let me guess, he's an aspiring rapper, was just ready to turn his life around and god knows the world can't miss out on his "talent".

Anonymous said...

So far, I can't find a photo of the victim, Colleen Hufford, on the internet.

David In TN

Nicholas said...

Same here, David.

I found pics of two white ladies named Colleen Hufford, but neither lived anywhere near OK.

Anonymous said...

There is an "R.I.P Colleen Hufford" page on Facebook with a photo of Colleen. - A Texas Reader

Nicholas said...

A Texas Reader,


Anonymous said...

"Dr. Drew," on his HLN show just called it a "random beheading."

Wonder what would have happened if the killer had "targeted" somebody?

David In TN

David In TN said...

A death sentence was rendered a few days ago in this case. It was three years after it happened, par for the course. A horrific black on white murder, followed by a news blackout, until the denouement three years or so later.

Nolen is called in press reports "an Oklahoma man," which strictly speaking he was. He was a NOI prison convert, much like the perps of a certain murder spree detailed at WEJB/NSU.