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Houston: In Robbery Gone Horribly Wrong, White Meat Market Manager Shoots Raceless Robber in Head, but Robber Escapes

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Of course, the defense against the robber went wonderfully right!

We can only hopes that someone finds the perp dead in a ditch somewhere.

By the way, in the accompanying video, the manager—who really shouldn’t have appeared on camera, since his life is now in danger—tells us that he fired his .22 twice, and the reporter insinuates that he shot the perp twice in the back of the head, but the manager never says that. He only says he hit him in the back of the head. Thus, he might have shot the robber only once. (Not only can the perp get a good look at the heroic manager, but so too can his family and friends.)

The story also fails to report on whether the robber was fleeing with cash or goods, or empty-handed. It also fails to offer a description of the robber, which suggests that he was black.

Meat store manager shoots attempted robber
By Syan Rhodes,
September 20 2014 05:48:54 P.M. CDT; updated on September 20 2014 12:00:00 A.M. CDT

Robber shot in Houston meat market hold-up

An alleged robber was able to get away after he was shot by a store manager Saturday.

Burt's Meat Market has been on Lyons Avenue for more than 60 years. The manager said in all that time they've never been robbed and he's never had to touch the gun he keeps in the store until last night.

A store full of customers and workers wasn't a deterrent for one man.

J.L. Nickel has managed the store for 23 years. He was in his office across from a checkout counter when a teenage clerk came face to face with the armed robber demanding money.

"We never thought we'd get robbed because there's always so many people in here," Nickel said.

"We were in the back mixing some boudin and everybody came in and goes: 'Run, run outside. There's somebody in here with a gun.'

"I looked out a window and all I could see was his hand with a pistol. I didn't know what to do."

That's when Nickel took action. He fired two shots, hitting the man in the back of the head.

"Just spur of the moment," he said. "I just did what I had to do. Everything happened and I just did it on instinct. I was just worried about everyone else in here."

The robber stumbled out of the door and was able to run away, as the search for the robber continues.

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