Thursday, September 18, 2014

If You are Considering Voting for the Libertarian Candidate in Any Senate Election, Please Send Me Your Name and Address, So I Can Track You Down and Drown You (Ann Coulter)

By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

I would never consider voting for a lefty libertarian, BUT, I will be voting for the Constitution Party candidate instead of the leftist republican party of open borders and lawlessness.

Tranny Ann can track me down, but instead of her "drowning me" I will be the one administering a stinging bitch slap across "her" face for trying to coerce me to vote for leftist garbage in the GOP.

Ann must be insane for her mad support for the GOP who will never do anything to counter what 0bozo has done to us. She is quite mad, I remember well her disgusting support for John McCain.

countenance said...

This is typical maddening Ann Coulter: Get the issues right, but then the solution is YAY RED TEAM.

As you know, because you are my biggest fan, I'm recommending in nine states to vote for the Democrat Senate candidate to make sure the obnoxious or traitorous or open borders Republican does not win. Those nine states are AK, CO, KS, KY, VA, NC, SC, MS, TN. We have to quit acting like battered wives.