Saturday, September 20, 2014

Six Black “Students” Arrested for Two Gang Rapes on Southern Illinois University/Carbondale’s Campus

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6 arrested in two sexual assaults at SIU-Carbondale
September 18, 2014 1:49 p.m.
Southern Illinoisan/St. Louis Post-Dispatch

CARBONDALE, Ill. • Six SIUC students were arrested this past weekend in connection with two alleged sexual assault incidents on the campus.

Dequante W. Daniels, 18, of Franklin, Tenn.; Teon L. Slaughter, 18, of East St. Louis; Conner D. Mayweather, 18, of Memphis, Tenn.; and Damiyon L. Griffin, 18, of East St. Louis, were arrested early Saturday for criminal sexual assault at Schneider Hall and transported to Jackson County Jail.

The victim, an 18-year-old SIUC student, was treated and released from Memorial Hospital of Carbondale.

In a separate incident, Devon R. Williams, 18, of St. Louis, and Deandre L. Downey, 20, of Centralia, Ill., were arrested late Sunday evening for criminal sexual assault at Wall and Grand Apartments Building 1. They were both taken to Jackson County Jail. The victim, an 18-year-old who does not attend the school, was treated and released from Memorial Hospital of Carbondale.

Rae Goldsmith, communications and marketing director, said both incidents remain under investigation. She said no communication has or will be sent out to campus students or staff because arrests have been made and there is no threat.

[Correction: No communication has or will be sent out to campus students or staff because that would inform them, and thereby lessen the omnipresent threat, by letting them now that they must avoid black male “students.” Conversely, the school administration wants white females to be in the greatest possible danger.]

Carol Size

I have a question for the PD media. In my news'paper' today, there are two stories, one about an O'Fallon man killed in car crash and another one regarding an armed man killed by police. In both of those stories, The reporter told readers the colors of ALL those cars as if the color of cars is somehow relevant news. Yet day after day after day I read the crime stories in the paper and never ever is the racial color of the victim or the perp ever ID'd. Question, why the color of the cars released but not of the individuals involved in the story? Thank you and I look forward to your excuse, I mean answer.
19 hours ago

Hilda Beggle
Carol, that seems to be a fairly common tactic employed by media outlets. I have read news stories about armed robberies where the media provided a clothing description of suspects, but not the race. How is that supposed to help apprehend a suspect at large?

At least in this case, the suspects' names are disclosed, which speaks volumes. :)
8 hours ago

Robert Alan Sronce

It's always the same

September 18 at 6:48pm

Daniel von Utley

Another bunch of idiots with Scrabble Tile names.

September 18 at 4:02pm

Thomas Robert Ilsley Jr [The following comment was not meant to be satire.]

We need to have more psychologist and psychiatrist. Can we raise scholarships and grants to encourage more to enter such a needed profession. Sex is a tremendous behavioral determinator but nobody is preparing humans to cope in a proper way. We are too short on professional help. Please do something to get the graduates we need in these desperately needed fields.

September 18 at 3:38pm

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Anonymous said...

Their names, how do they come up with their names? Christians at one time had to choose the names of saints, the undertow must take their names from the opposite.