Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Racial Violence in Seattle (Colin Flaherty Video)

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[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Kristopher Kime, James Paroline, and Edward Scott McMichael: Three Race Murders in Seattle”;

“Seattle: Blacks Account for 7.7% of Residents, Yet They Seem to Have Taken the Entire City Prisoner” (Nhan Thai and the Danny Vega Murder!); and

“Seattle Police Have Pushed Down the Crime Rate—Through Discouraging Victims from Reporting Crimes!”]

As I’ve earlier reported, the city of Seattle has been under siege for over a decade by its black population, which is only 7.7% of the city’s residents.

At around 6:20 of the video below, my “son” Colin says that the unreporting of crime has been reported by journalists in several cities, but “nobody’s connecting the dots” nationally. As he well knows, I’ve been connecting the dots since at least 2004. Otherwise, the video is excellent.

Seattle: A Magical Mystery Tour of Racial Violence
By Colin Flaherty

Published on Sep 5, 2014

Seattle gets a pass for intense and frequent racial violence. Not anymore. Not on my watch.

Upload by Colin Flaherty.

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Stan Mute said...

If/when you visit Seattle, it is indeed hard to believe Africans are only 7-8% of the population. In fact, it feels quite a lot like Philadelphia downtown. Certainly it feels blacker than NYC (lower Manhattan and midtown). At night, much of downtown is simply deserted and what isn't definitely has that 'under siege' feel that the Africans create.