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Is Elizabeth Munoz a Serial Killer? Hispanic El Paso Woman Allegedly Murdered Her Second Boyfriend in Six Years; Why was She Free?


El Paso Police Department mug shot of an Elizabeth Muñoz, who was arrested on October 17, 2012, for DWI

By Nicholas Stix

I thank the Texas reader who sent me this article, remarking,
“A 33-year-old woman convicted of fatally stabbing her common-law husband seven years ago was arrested Sunday night for allegedly stabbing to death her boyfriend during the weekend at a Lower Valley public housing complex.”

All the dirt poor border Mexicans live in "public" housing.

Guess who pays for this "public" housing?

Affirmative action I: Senorita Munoz is either here illegally—the El Paso Times wouldn’t mention her citizenship status—or she benefited from a previous amnesty. Everyone with a Spanish name in border town El Paso who isn’t some kind of grandee is either illegal or an amnesty beneficiary.

Affirmative action II: When Munoz murdered her boyfriend, Francisco Arceo, 24, she was charged and convicted only of aggravated assault, instead of murder, and did minimal jail time.

Affirmative action III: She was jailed under a measly $250,000 bond for her second alleged murder.

El Paso woman suspected of killing boyfriend with tattoo instrument
Court records show she was convicted of killing common-law husband in 2007
By Daniel Borunda / El Paso Times
Posted: 3/04/2014 12:13:28 A.M. MST
El Paso Times

A 33-year-old woman convicted of fatally stabbing her common-law husband seven years ago was arrested Sunday night for allegedly stabbing to death her boyfriend during the weekend at a Lower Valley public housing complex.

El Paso police detectives arrested Elizabeth Muñoz on suspicion of murder in connection with the fatal stabbing of Raul Robles, 31, on Saturday at the Alvarez apartments, 8247 N. Loop, officials said. Court documents stated that Muñoz allegedly killed Robles by stabbing him in the neck with a tattoo instrument.

About 3:30 p.m. Saturday, police responding to a fight call found Robles bleeding from the neck and laying on the ground behind an apartment, according to a complaint affidavit filed by a detective. Robles, who lived in Chaparral, was taken to Del Sol Medical Center where he died of his wounds.

The complaint affidavit stated that witnesses had seen Robles and Muñoz, who was described as his girlfriend, having an argument and fighting before the stabbing. A witness saw three men assault Robles.

"However, once the victim (Robles) was on the ground and unconscious, the defendant (Muñoz) approached the victim and began to stab the victim numerous times with an unknown object," the affidavit stated. "Another witness observed the defendant standing over the victim as he laid on the ground bleeding."

The affidavit stated that Muñoz allegedly admitted to detectives that she stabbed Robles twice on the neck with a tattoo instrument that he owned. The document does not say what the pair were arguing about.

Muñoz, of the 200 block of North Davis Drive, was jailed under a $250,000 bond. [A convicted killer accused of her second murder, and only $250,000? The part-black Oregon guy accused of molesting boys was jailed on $1.7 million bond.] A police spokesman said Muñoz [sic] photo was not released because the investigation continues into what is El Paso's second homicide of the year.

It is not the first time that Muñoz, who is listed on jail records as being 5 feet, 1 inch tall and 136 pounds, is accused of killing a man.

In September 2007, Muñoz used a knife to fatally stab her common-law husband, Francisco Arceo, 24, during a fight at their home on Clark Street in Central El Paso, according to court records.

El Paso Times archives report Muñoz was initially arrested on a murder charge in Arceo's death. A grand jury indicted her on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

[But that’s ridiculous. Ag assault is for an extremely violent attack, usually with a weapon, which the victim survives. Let me guess: The grand jury was packed with sympathetic Mexicans. Although, when it comes down to it, white women are also pretty much useless as jurors.]

The case was prosecuted by the El Paso County Attorney's Office because of a possible conflict of interest because the District Attorney's Office had prosecuted a case were [sic] Muñoz was allegedly a victim of domestic violence.

In December 2008, Muñoz pleaded guilty to aggravated assault with deadly weapon and was sentenced by Judge Patrick Garcia to five years in state prison.

[Of which she served how much time? Maybe two years?]

Daniel Borunda may be reached at 546-6102.


The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Why is Elizabeth Munoz, the serial killer, free?

My take would be that because white liberals, (the immature and the insane), and their liberal ideology, are in charge and giving the orders. Their ideology promotes the crocodile of diversity at the non-liberal white man's expense. Therefore, illegal aliens, especially of the Hispanic white/brown assortment, are a protected sub-species.

White liberals are those who pursue their superiority without ever pursuing their maturity. Once they achieve their superiority they become the immature and insane, in charge and giving the orders.

These white liberals have achieve this status in every known white man's land on planet Earth.

Between achieving superiority via a fully enfranchised democracy, and keeping superiority via a headhunting, jackboot, arm and fist policy always on the alert and the ready, these immature and insane white liberal personalities, are transmogrifying our white nation-states into their coveted illusion of a false Utopia of globalism, socialism and democracy, and further, with themselves at the top enjoying the highlife of power, fame and fortune, and all others experiencing the tyranny, poverty and misery their illusion produces.

I sincerely hope my post makes clear my understanding of this incredulous phenomenon.

For our white posterity.

For our coming new White Homeland.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What is 332her immigration status?

Anonymous said...

The training starts young. The host of this video wants to make sure he's cool with black people by proclaiming he just thinks it's kids being kids. He doesn't mention the fact that violent racist black behavior continues on beyond childhood. At least the father of the children was not happy with their behavior and it sounded like he was going to "deal with his kids behavior". Whatever that means.
Yes, kids do wrangle with each other but the level and intensity of the violence is vastly higher when it's black toward whites, I've seen it personally toward my families children and experienced when I was young. Jerry

Anonymous said...

Im elizabeth munoz best friend and to answer oyu ?? she was born in the USA, which in my eyes is irrelevant .. her first charge was because her boyfriend would beat the crap out of her so they should have given her self defense , i was a witness to this, so i would appreicate it if people wouldnt make stupid ass comments if they dont know whats going on


This Elizabeth Munoz is not the Elizabeth Munoz we know! This whole we were worried that it was our friend. The Elizabeth Munoz we know murdered her baby's daddy and served 5yrs. In prison for self defense. Thank God we finally saw a pik!

Anonymous said...

Bitch you are stupid too. I can also speak up for her second victim he was a good friend of mined so fuck that BITCH!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said....
Kaos as he was called was a good friend of mine and I miss him soooo much I don't believe he would beat Mrs Munoz I've known him since he was 15 and he has always been a sweet friend and a good person I've never known him to be violent may he rest in peace still love him miss him sooo much.....

Anonymous said...

She is NOT a serial killer. A serial killer is a person who has killed 3 or more people at different times and different places. She's just a violent woman.

Nicholas said...

Anon November 24, 2015 at 10:48:00 PM EST,

I don't know where you got your standard. A serial killer is someone who kills two or more people with a break in-between.

"She's just a violent woman."

That's ridiculous. What are you, a relative or friend of hers? My wife is a violent woman, but to my knowledge, she's never murdered anyone.

Unknown said...

Fuck that bitch my brother didnt beat her for no reason that bitch is physco you muat be crazy to bitch my brother shouls of just murderd her if he aupposably uato beat her i would still have him here just cause he was moving on she murderd him shes a disgrave to society

Unknown said...

To ALL the ignorant people who think just because people live by the border of Mexico and the US are dirt poor you're wrong fucktards get your facts straight "Nicholas"

Nicholas said...

Unknown said...

To ALL the ignorant people who think just because people live by the border of Mexico and the US are dirt poor you're wrong fucktards get your facts straight "Nicholas"

N.S.: Do you have something to teach us, "Vero Macias"?

vero macias said...

Who's Us do you have a mouse in your pocket ?