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Austin: Black Family Demands Police Money, Heads, After Their Member Does the Usual, and Gets Shot by Police; Family is in the Habit of Committing Violent Crimes (Including Attempted Murder!), Brandishing Weapons, Refusing to Obey Police Orders to Drop Them, and Getting Themselves Shot

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A tip ‘o the hate to A Texas Reader.

Smith's family members were at the scene, demanding explanations from officers. They want police to tell them why this happened.

"What is the point of being trained to not use deadly force?" said Smith's cousin, Traeshina Williams. "We constantly see this happening over and over again."

A Texas Reader asks, “Is Traeshina a Section 8 name?”

N.S.: But the officer, a sergeant with 17 years on the force, didn’t use deadly force. That was his only mistake. He jeopardized his own life, by not killing Jawhari Smith, 23, whom he would have been perfectly justified in killing.

They don’t “want police to tell them why this happened.” A five-year-old could explain why their “relative” got shot. He brandished a weapon, the cop repeatedly told him to drop it, and he refused. That’s legal grounds for killing him, and cops used to routinely kill guys under those circumstances, but they have been trained over the past generation or two to take on ever more risks, letting black and brown criminals get the first shot. And then the cops are still “racist.”

And look at this “family.” They’ve done this before, and yet they blame the cops every time. There’s no learning curve here. One member, Sophia King, tried to murder another woman with a butcher knife in 2002, refused to drop the knife when a cop commended her to do so, and got herself shot to death. Her “sister,” and Jawahri Smith’s cousin, Nenna Elendu, now acts as if the police had murdered her “sister.”

The scare quotes are because what members of the black criminal class call “family,” often is less than it seems. For instance, a black criminal will routinely call someone a sibling who is actually a half or non-sibling. The alleged reporters claim that Nenna Elendu is Jawahri Smith’s cousin, and that Sophia King was Elendu’s “sister,” but do not claim that King was Smith’s cousin.

In the black crime world, which is increasingly identical with the black world, there is no family. There are unwed mothers, their illegitimate children, the unwed grandmothers who raise the latter, and the male criminals who pass in and out of the unwed mothers’ homes, and who act as sperm donors to their children.

Fake objectivity. The “reporters” who wrote this item seem not to editorialize, but the devil is in the details. While they do mention that both Jawahri Smith and Sophia King refused to drop their respective weapons, reporters editorialize through whom they choose to quote. If they had wanted to provide balance, they would have interviewed a police union rep, who would have talked about the dangers that officers face, and pointed out that everything bad that happened was the perp’s fault.



Family of man shot by officer protest outside hospital By Heather Kovar and Shannon Murray KVUE news and Follow: @HeatherK_KVUE Posted on March 18, 2014 at 1:06 P.M.; updated yesterday at 10:11 P.M.

AUSTIN -- One person has been injured in an officer-involved shooting in Northeast Austin. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said the incident occurred just before 12:30 p.m. Tuesday when police responded to a domestic disturbance involving 23-year-old Jawhari Smith and his girlfriend at an apartment complex on Berkman Drive near Wheless Lane.

The sergeant on scene says he saw Smith holding a semi-automatic pistol. Smith told him it was a BB gun, and the sergeant ordered him to drop the weapon.

[What kind of genius brandishes a deadly weapon, or something that a reasonable policeman could believe to be a deadly weapon, when he knows a policeman is arriving, and then refuses several commands to drop said weapon? The officer also said that Smith hid the weapon behind his back. And a cop would be a fool to believe Smith, besides which, a BB gun is a deadly weapon. People have been killed when someone shot them through the eye with a BB gun.]

When Smith didn't comply after several requests, the sergeant fired several shots, hitting Smith, Acevedo said. He was taken to University Medical Center Brackenridge and is expected to survive. His girlfriend is said to be okay and is being interviewed by police. Acevedo said the department will review the shooting.

"We will be assessing whether or not the use of deadly force was appropriate under the circumstance of this call here today," Acevedo said.

Smith's family members were at the scene, demanding explanations from officers. They want police to tell them why this happened.

"What is the point of being trained to not use deadly force?" said Smith's cousin, Traeshina Williams. [The sergeant didn’t use deadly force, but don’ let the facts get in the way of your black race mania, Miss Williams.] "We constantly see this happening over and over again."

[What we constantly see happening over and over again is blacks refusing to obey policemen’s lawful commands, and raising holly hell, when the cops survive the encounters.]

Acevedo said people outside the department will also review the shooting. They'll also look into the 911 call. Family members said Smith's girlfriend caused the trouble. Police are questioning her and say they have responded here for the same two people before.

[Well, of course they would say that. But who provoked the shooting by brandishing a deadly weapon in front of a policeman, and refusing several orders to drop it?]

Family members held up signs in protest outside of UMC Brackenridge hospital Tuesday night. They weren't allowed to see Smith.

[In other words, they had no opportunity o coach him on how to lie about the encounter.] "I really do want to see him. Most importantly, I wanted him to see his son so anything, if anything happened he would be able to know that we were here," said Caleana Johnson, Smith's former girlfriend and the mother of his child. Johnson said she talked to Smith on the phone Monday night and drove in from Houston as soon as she heard the news.

"I want people to know Jawhari is a good person and he didn't deserve this," Johnson said.

[These people have no idea how unwittingly comical they sound.]

Family members question the story from police. "Anyone can vouch that he is a very kind family man. He would not carry a gun," Johnson said.

[A “family man” is a father who is married with children, whereby (excepting adoptees) the children were born to him and his wife.]

Many are emotional outside of the hospital, saying this is all too familiar. "That's my friend, the only sister, I have no other sister. That was it. My best friend," said Smith's cousin Nenna Elendu.

Elendu said her sister was Sophia King, a woman shot and killed by police in 2002 as she chased a person with a butcher knife and refused to drop it. The high profile case spurred controversy over mental health issues and the use of lethal force. "All I knew was my best friend was gone," said Elendu.

[Her best friend and only sister was killed attempting to murder someone.]

Now this family says they want an explanation and they want to send a message to the Austin community.

[What message? That it is o.k. to murder people, and to defy the police?]

"I want people to feel as if it was their brother, their cousin, their dad. I want them to know it's not only African Americans that this happens to. It can happen to you, too," said Johnson.

[Wrong! It doesn’t “happen” to blacks. Black criminals get shot by the police so often, because blacks raise their children to wage war on the world, police in particular, and “respectable” blacks encourage and celebrate such war-making. This could never be my old man, my cousin, or my son, unless a cop committed deliberate murder.]

The sergeant involved has been with APD for 17 years. Acevedo says he will be placed on administrative leave with pay while the shooting is under investigation.

According to police stats, there have been at least 21 calls to this apartment complex for various reasons this year alone. This is the second police-involved shooting in Austin this year. Nearby Harris Elementary was "sheltering in place" due to the shooting. Acevedo says the school was never in any danger, but caution was being taken.

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"Any time you see a naked man chasing a woman with a butcher knife you can assume he is up to no good." - - Callahan.


Life imitates art. For real.

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A knife at distance is dangerous but normally you cannot shoot if the person wielding the knife is at a distance. If the person with the knife is close you can shoot.