Sunday, March 30, 2014

The M1911 and the Philippines



By Nicholas Stix

The moment I looked at the painting and the dates of the campaign, I knew that the officer or non-com firing had to have the M1911, one of the greatest weapons ever invented by man, in his shooting hand. (I don’t know spit about weapons, but my chief of research has taught me a bit.)

Therein lies a fascinating but brief tale, as told by an old infantryman. How old? He endured basic “more years ago than I care to admit.”

“A Veteran Writes on Leland Yee, the Moros, and the National Question.”


jeigheff said...

This is slight off the topic, but I'd like to mention one thing.

The artist who executed "Knocking Out the Moros" was the late, great Charles H. McBarron, Jr. Not only was he an extremely talented artist, McBarron was very knowledgeable about military affairs, uniforms and equipment. His paintings of battles of the American Revolution are my personal favorites.

I'm not an expert on his career, but McBarron created many paintings and illustrations for the U.S. Army and the Company of Military Historians. And a couple years ago, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that McBarron had even done some biblical paintings, which I saw in the Bible of a friend's child at church.

Nicholas said...

Not at all, jeigheff. I had never heard of the guy, so the background is very much on-topic.

Anonymous said...

I have always like the painting by H.Charles McBarron Jr titled "I'll Try, Sir". The phrase was sort of my motto.