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Racist, Corrupt, Democrat PA AG Kathleen G. Kane Seeks to Silence Philadelphia Inquirer, Critics with Threats of Frivolous Defamation Lawsuit


Beyond bossy, but very much the coward: Pennsylvania Commissar General Kathleen G. Kane in 2012, when she was apparently much older than she is now

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU, on this case:

“The End of the Rule of Law: Corrupt, Democrat PA AG Kathleen G. Kane Killed Three-Year-Long Corruption Sting, Due to Black Racial Privilege: Since Only Black Pols Accepted Bribes, Kane Declared Sting ‘Racist.’”]

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Out of racist loyalty, PA AG Kathleen G. Kane shut down a corruption sting that sought to entrap white and black, and Republican and Democrat lawmakers, because it netted only five black Democrats. Now she is seeking to silence the (Democrat!) Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper, out of revenge for exposing her racist corruption, and in order to chill all investigative journalists and critics out of examining and criticizing her deeds.

These are the games Democrats play these days, and they’re playing for keeps. Recall during the 2008 election, when some Democrat prosecutors threatened to have critics of the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” arrested?

My understanding is that the sting’s main figure approached white Republicans, but that they refused to accept his proffered bribes.

AG Kane has started a fire that she cannot put out, except by resigning. She already showed her unfitness for office by playing the race card, in shutting down the corruption investigation. Now she is using intimidation and lawfare, to silence all potential critics.

And she would be the state’s highest law officer?

I am against all “stings,” because they involve entrapment, whereby law enforcement personnel or informants act as agents provocateurs, and lure people into committing crimes. However, AG Kane did not say that she is opposed, on principle, to stings. She’s just against stings that catch blacks.

AG Kane Hires Attorneys Claiming Possible Defamation by Philadelphia Inquirer
By Vince Lattanzio
| Friday, Mar 21, 2014 | Updated 12:33 A.M. EDT
NBC Philadelphia
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Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has hired a high-powered Philadelphia lawyer to represent her in a possible defamation lawsuit against the Philadelphia Inquirer. NBC10's Harry Hairston has details.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has retained legal counsel to represent her in a potential defamation lawsuit against The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Philadelphia power attorney Dick Sprague tells the Commonwealth's top lawyer plans to file suit against the paper over a series of reports ran in The Inquirer this week regarding the AG's handing of a corruption investigation involving state lawmakers.

"The attorney general contacted me to see about representing her and ultimately suing whoever was responsible for the malicious words," he said adding that Kane plans to sue.

Earlier this week, Kane told NBC10 her office did nothing wrong and that the reports were "inaccurate and sensational," calling the paper's anonymous sources "cowardly."

Sprague and a source at the Inquirer confirm Kane, Dick Sprague and his son, Tom Sprague, visited the paper's editorial board on Thursday afternoon.

During that meeting, which was scheduled before the attorneys were hired, Dick Sprague informed the editors that he and Kane are concerned about potential defamation issues related to their reporting.
Citing the defamation concerns, the attorney told the editors the attorney general would cease to answer any questions from the Inquirer, the attorney said.

"I didn't want to cancel, but I did not think she should walk into the lions den with them prepared to attack her," Dick Sprague said.

[So, she shows up at the paper, lecturing them, threatening to sue them, and refusing to answer any questions, but they’re the cowards? What am I missing here?]

The Inquirer ran a series of reports, the first of which was printed Sunday, questioning why Kane's office decided not to pursue criminal charges against eight Democratic state lawmakers, four of whom were from Philadelphia. Kane is also a Democrat from Philadelphia.

"My view of this matter is that there are real issues concerning the investigation done by previous prosecutors and it was going to come out," Dick Sprague said.

That investigation, which began under Gov. Tom Corbett when he served as AG, involved lawmakers allegedly accepting illegal payments.

Kane said she shut down the investigation after her office found serious flaws in the probe including possible racial targeting.

Philadelphia Inquirer Editor Bill Marimow on Thursday defended the paper's reporting telling the paper interviewed many people with in-depth knowledge of the investigation. He said some of those sources included members of Kane's staff.

"The Inquirer coverage of this sting investigation was really meticulously and carefully reported," he said. "The stories were the product of months diligent and dogged reporting. They weren't a leak of someone with a political agenda."
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• Nicholas Stix • Top Commenter • Works at Why the hell would I tell you??
Let’s see:

1. AG Kane shut down a sting, based solely on racist favoritism; and
2. She seeks to intimidate and silence all potential critics through abuse of the civil courts.

Already #1 showed her to be unfit for office. Number 2 underscores what is now obvious: The woman must resign.

Ever since Obama became dictator, more and more Democratic politicians seem to be out of control.

Nicholas Stix, Uncensored
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Tommy Ling • Follow • Top Commenter
How is it racial if they are on the take?
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Missy Alexander • Top Commenter • Owner/Photographer at Colorgraphic Studios
Doesn't matter what color they were, nor what party...if they took they money (and in this case a Tiffany Bracelet) . GUILTY. They should have been prosecuted.
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Missy Alexander • Top Commenter • Owner/Photographer at Colorgraphic Studios
So what ya gonna say/do next KK? I'm dying to know why you REALLY DID shut the investigation down. Tell us, will ya?
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Missy Alexander • Top Commenter • Owner/Photographer at Colorgraphic Studios
And To The Philly Inquirer: GREAT ARTICLE!!!!
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Dawn Harwan • Top Commenter • South Kingstown, Rhode Island
Prove it is racial before you shut it down.
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Marilyn Pugliese Driesen • Corporate Risk Manager at Interline Brands Inc.
She is unfit to do her job........she lawyered up.......and AG.......please she is nothing more than a political hack who should be impeached for not doing what she was elected to do.
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Bob Brandenburg • Top Commenter • University of Michigan Law
Not only is Kane corrupt, but she is also stupid. As Mark Twain so succinctly stated a century ago, "Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel."
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Marilyn Pugliese Driesen • Corporate Risk Manager at Interline Brands Inc.
Oh........and Mr. Cruz was also approached for a bribe and he refused......Mr. Cruz is Latino. Over 400 hours of incriminating testimony. Great job Inquirer
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Anonymous said...

This AG is a public servant.

For public servants the case for defamation is very high indeed.