Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Australian Police Cover Up Racist Black Sudanese Mob (40!) Attack Against White Teenagers; Media Sophists Re-Define White Critics as “Racists,” and Racist Black Thugs as “Victims”

By Nicholas Stix

Violence Against Whites has the story.


Anonymous said...

Remember how the outrage concerning the Knoxville Horror was portrayed as "racism?" Not the rape, torture, and murder, but the reaction to it.

Even our friend Jamie Satterfield claimed the horrific murders revealed a "vein of racism." She was not referring to the perps but those who called it what it was.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

You would think these Sudanese immigrants would be grateful and say thank you but I understand that is asking way too much.

Anonymous said...

Australia used to have until relatively recently the whites only policy.

That has been gone for a while and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Anonymous said...

They had the riots in Australia a few years back. Some white lifeguards nearly beaten to death by some Lebanese Muslim thugs. When the whites reacted the whitey became the racist.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the nation-state system. Each group that wanted their own land to control their own destiny was given a parcel and that solved these disputes and "arguments".

Anonymous said...

One thing that doesn't get mentioned is the gender of the attackers. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that virtually every one of those 40 "sudos" were male.
Typically people trying to jump parties are males hoping to move in on females. Black males are particularly guilty of this. If anyone remembers, it was a black male trying to jump a party that was the genesis of the Jenna 6 incident.
Most immigrants from Africa are young males. Many African countries practice polygamy, in which one man will have many wives, more successful men get multiple wives while less successful men (stupider and lazier) have to remain bachelors. Many young African men hear that white women are available and loose in the Western (white) countries and immigrate to get access to those women. Of course the PC pro diversity idiots will only say that they come here to "work" and for a "better life" and god forbid we question that.

So because we don't practice polygamy (or female infanticide) and don't have gender imbalances we have to supply women to those "extra" males.

Anyone remember the "Lost Boys" fiasco? Huge numbers of bachelor males were shipped from Africa to the US because they were "cast aside" by a polygamous culture that didn't have any use for them. I recall seeing many media shows with celebs and politicians fawning over these "lost boys" sympathizing with them about how much they've suffered. Truth is most of these "boys (actually most were young men, not "boys")" were living just fine in bachelor communities and didn't need to come to the US to keep from starving or being killed.
So what happens when you get young males with no women roaming around city streets. Of course bad behavior by sexually frustrated males like that can cross racial boundaries but when it's black men the behavior is always going to be more violent and racist.
Maybe immigration should be limited from countries that practice female infanticide and polygamy. No single males unless a single female is allowed to emigrate also. I can hear the PC fanatics screaming now. That's the peculiarity of the PC mindset, they can completely ignore issues like female infanticide and polygamy (female slavery essentially) and focus in on their "diversity" ideology.
Just wait until the tsunami of bachelor males from India and China hits, should be just a few years from now, cheap ultrasound has resulted in vast numbers of female fetuses being aborted in the last couple of decades. Hundreds of millions of males will have no prospects of marriage. Where do you think they will go? Get ready for them, the diversity fanatics are going to be rolling out the red carpet.

Anonymous said...

China and India BOTH have an enormous surplus of young angry males who will NEVER be able to find a mate of their own kind. Mother Nature has been messed with and this IS a recipe for disaster. Those societies might very well explode with major rioting and instability when those young angry males band together and decide to take it out on the rest of society. There is evidence that this has occurred in the past.