Saturday, March 15, 2014

Yet Another Downside to a Worthless, Schick, “Alternative Energy” Source: Pilots Flying Over the Ivanpah Solar Energy Plant in Northeast San Bernardino County Have Complained of “Nearly Blinding” Glare from the Sun’s Reflection Off Fields of Mirrors, Federal Documents Show

By RC and Nicholas Stix

Solar energy plants like this exist because the elites (a.k.a. central planners) believe that the U.S. is running out of fossil fuels.

N.S.: At my undergraduate alma mater, SUNY Stony Brook, I did my “concentration” (not quite a major) in the Federated Learning Community: Technology, Values, and Society.

Each fall, FLC would start a new three-semester program. I was in the third, I knew people from the second, my roommate, best friend, vusiness partner and sometime romantic rival was in the fourth (I sold him), and his sister had been in the first. I think the second was CUES: Cities, Environments (?), and Utopias.

The program was run by communists, socialists, and a token fiscal conservative who may have converted then or shortly thereafter to the GOP. Based on the program’s political slant, we were hostile towards conventional energy, and embraced anything-but.

During the third and last semester, I was part of a contingent of five or six FLC students who attended an energy conference in Washington, D.C. I spoke with a guy in the energy business, who was in his early-to-mid thirties, and was shocked to hear him say that the sorts of energy schemes (wind, sun, etc.) that I was embracing were a waste of time, and that economically and production-wise, conventional energy was the whole ballgame.

Eventually, I came to see that he was right.

But we’re in big-time trouble, any way you look at it.

If we had 160 million Americans, we’d be swimming in energy (and land), but thanks to the Treason Lobby, today we officially have 317,697,000 “residents,” according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and as many as 40 million more illegal aliens (that’s assuming that Census already counts a few million illegals). ICE has switched from token border enforcement to escorting foreign criminals into the interior, with no interior enforcement whatsoever and the feds even searching abroad for previously deported illegal alien criminals, to bring them back! If the jailbreak flood of the scum of the earth into our borderless country continues, I expect us to the hit the billion mark of “residents” before the next century comes.

Thus, while we hear of new energy extraction methods, such as fracking, the current dictator has handcuffed conventional energy exploration and production for coal and oil. And with his racist population explosion politics, the energy industry could never dream of keeping pace with demand. Meanwhile, “Obama” promotes idiotic schemes for “alternative energy:” production which are expensive, produce little in the way of energy, and require huge expanses of land that has become exorbitantly expensive, due to almost 50 years of mass, third-world immigration. If there is no immigration moratorium, not only will there be a crisis in energy production, but water shortages that are still local in the Southwest will spread nationwide, and land that is necessary for food production will be bought up to build expensive but crappy government housing for immigrant and native-born black deadbeats, and expensive but crappy private housing for the productive Americans seeking to escape the violent, deadbeat horde.

Meanwhile, tens of millions of middle and upper-middle-class Americans who are completely dependent on conventional energy have been expensively miseducated to hold it in contempt. These are the people who eat up puff pieces on sun and wind energy.

I used “schick” in my headline, because it is the unpretty, German translation of the French “chic.” I don’t want to make a dangerous fad sound pretty.

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