Friday, March 14, 2014

The Crisis in the Ukraine, and Putin’s Anschluss of the Crimea: An Incoherent Guillaume Faye on an Incoherent Problem

By Nicholas Stix

I have so far had nothing to say about the crisis in the Ukraine, because I can’t figure out the good guys and who the bad guys are. It’s hard enough figuring these things out on the domestic level, let alone regarding a country about which I, like most political observers, know little.

There are at least three groups at war with each other: Pro-Ukrainian nationalists; pro-EU forces; and pro-Russian groups. Or are the pro-Ukrainian nationalists and the pro-EU forces the same people? And then there are people who are blaming it all on the Jews.

See why I’ve kept my own counsel?

However, sometimes reading someone else, even a confused writer who, like so many political observers, refuses to put all his cards on the table, can help one to clarify one’s own thoughts.

Comes now French white nationalist Guillaume Faye, and he’s no better off than I am. Early on, he quotes Carl Schmitt, the greatest intellectual opportunist of the 20th century, regarding “legality vs. legitimacy.” Faye is correct, in pointing out how American opportunism, in supporting “the people” will end up biting fake populists in the butt. I’ve said this before, most recently regarding the so-called Arab Spring.

Faye denies that Putin’s Russia is a threat to America. This is plainly ridiculous. Putin, by Faye’s own admission, is seeking to expand Russia to become as big as the Russian Empire ever was. And beyond Faye, if Putin seeks such grand ambitions, he seeks to expand Russia to become ever bigger than it ever was. If that isn’t a threat to America, nothing is. Putin clearly seeks, like the Communist dictators before him, to make Russia the world’s greatest power.

Faye also claims that aggressive politicking by America could push Russia into China’s embrace. Russia and Red China are rivals for the role of successors to a collapsed America, as the world’s pre-eminent power. That makes an alliance unlikely, though the lesson of America’s World War II alliance with Russia suggests one should never say never.

If anything, American leaders should seek to play Russia and Red China off against each other. However, that would only be an option if we had leaders who supported America’s vital interests, as opposed to the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama,” who is dedicated to America’s destruction.

Faye’s notion of all white countries banding together in a federation is a delusional fantasy.

The one point on which Faye makes sense is that some political tragedies admit of no solution.


The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

I do not believe in America any more.

I'm no expert on the Crimea/Ukraine/Russian problem either, but I have a few thoughts.

The Crimea has very valuable oil and gas fields. The Ukraine has the Crimea and is leaning away from Russia and towards the EU.

In 2009 I believe it was, as best I recall any way, Obama reduced our American stock pile of thermo-nukes but did not get Russia to reduce theirs. I think Russia has more nukes than we now, but I'm not positive on that.

Sixty days into office Obama cancelled the remaining F22s on order, a fighter 20 years in the making, one F22 equal to 5 or 6 F16s.

In 2010 Obama gave Brazil 2 billion white American taxpayer dollars so socialist Brazil could drill for oil in the deep sea where Obama and white liberals will not allow America to drill. In 2011 Obama, again down in socialist Brazil said, "We look forward to buying your oil".

Clearly Obama is anti American, anti America military power and anti capitalist; further he is pro socialist, pro Islamic.

Liberty of the people is a white liberal mantra. It translates in reality to liberty for our ideology but no one else's. In any event, liberty for the people is wheeled out whenever it suits liberal designs.

Liberty for the Ukrainian people is undoubtedly what socialist Obama wants projected for himself. Obama hates whites, the Ukraines are white, so it is just for show.

Obama is a self made paper tiger.
Putin undoubtedly is going to protect those valuable fields. Putin loves his country as much as Obama hates America.

Obama undoubtedly realizes war with Russia would be about the worst thing to happen to both countries.

Obama just has to come out of this looking both American and Presidential even though he is neither.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

All white countries are already banded together in a federation called the EU, and the EU is supplemented by the UN.

The problem is that they are against all the whites in those countries.

Will we ever form a political federation for whites? Unlikely, but an informal coalition by citizens of white countries for the whites in those countries is both necessary and desirable. However, it should have absolutely no political power to bind anyone to do anything. It needs to be a volunteer force with right of exit baked into the mold.

It is possible. We whites CAN work together to supply aid,funds,and arms if need be to whites around the world facing man-made political crises such as demographic displacement and impoverishment at the hands of the globalist superstructure.

Why do I believe this? Whites are some of the most altruistic people on the planet, BY THEIR VERY NATURE.

We cannot stand to see others suffering. This strength is only a liability when used against us,by our enemies. If whites are already giving all they can spare to other whites,then no one can exploit our kindness for the benefit of others.