Monday, March 31, 2014

David in TN Remembers Lawrence Auster



Re: “Remembering Lawrence Auster, After a Year.”

I began exchanging emails with Lawrence Auster in 2001. The only time Larry's prickly nature occurred with me was in 2003 over the Iraq invasion.

I sent Larry an email saying I opposed it. I think I wrote something like it wasn't worth it. Larry answered, "You sound like an anti-Semite."


I replied that the Bush administration would bring every Iraqi possible INTO this country. I also asked why do we go overseas to fight Islamic terror while bringing huge numbers of Muslims INTO America.

Larry accepted this as a legitimate criticism and even made it frequently himself.

He really favored "Operation Iraqi Freedom," thought it would be a WWII-style liberation, and didn't expect the ensuing insurrection.

Your statement that the left is after power itself reminded me of a book I read decades ago by an escapee from Mao's China. He wrote that whatever slogans Communists espoused, their aim was political power.

[N.S.: I’ve gotten several letters about Larry Auster, since my article on him appeared at VDARE. I’m printing as many of them as I can, but I fear that I won’t be able to give curious readers as much insight into the man as they would wish. Some of the letters give too much personal information about the writer or other people, and thus have to be edited, while at least one person gave me some interesting information, only to request that I not publish it. And I never claimed to be very knowledgeable about Larry, to begin with.]


KenK said...

How did Auster provide for himself Nicholas? He doesnt seem to have much in the way of commercially published stuff or employment at least going by his wikipedia entry.

Nicholas said...


He lived a Spartan existence largely off donations from readers.