Monday, March 17, 2014

Gentrification: One Form of Integration that is Verboten! (My New VDARE Column is Up!)

By Nicholas Six

Actually, it went up two nights ago, but a not-so-funny thing happened to me that night. I got hit with food poisoning, from a half-a-deli sandwich I’d eaten that morning. It was made in one of those wonderful, vibrant, immigrant delis, where the sandwich men talk on their cell phones, while handling food. (The Boss saw this, and reported it to me.)

Nevertheless, The boss denies that I caught food poisoning from the sandwich. She insists that I somehow got sick from using loads of rubbing alcohol-based hand sanitizer, before, during, and after eating. Our water was shut off for a few hours Saturday by The Contractor Who Came to Dinner.

How would using hand sanitizer lead to food poisoning? How would I know? To explain that, I’d have to explain The Boss’ thought processes, up on Planet Trinidad.

* * *
“Integration/diversity” has so far taken three forms on the school/neighborhood level:

1. Moving an alien, violent, low-IQ group of native-born Americans into a white school or area;
2. Legally and illegally importing alien, violent groups of foreign, low-IQ, third-world Hispanics and Caribbean blacks (“immigration”); and
3. Importing alien, violent groups of the most primitive, violent people on the face of the Earth from Africa and Southeast Asia (“refugee resettlement”).

Each time one of the foregoing three movements of black Americans or aliens into a white neighborhood, school, or institution is imposed by direct governmental coercion, and/or private organizations supported by governmental coercion, both the intention and result are yet another racial conquest.

Some readers will argue that Hispanics are not a “race.” First of all, most people who hysterically deny race when it is politically expedient, just as
hysterically affirm race when that is politically expedient. Note, too, that “mestizo” is a racial category, that reconquistas consider all Hispanics a “race,” as in “La Raza,” and when The Atlantic promoted reconquista through a 3,500-word, badly-written rant by Hispanic activist Amanda Machado on December 23, 2013, she referred to “my racial group.”

“Funny Thing: Coming or Going—Gentrifying or Fleeing—It’s Always Whitey’s Fault!


Anonymous said...

"La Raza". The Race.

Sometimes referred to as the Cosmic Race.

The ultimate human being.

Just ask them.

What was the name of the guy in Germany who thought something similar?

Anonymous said...

"Some will argue Hispanic is not a race" ...

I'm one of them! Hispanic is a word used by leftists to confuse people. Most of what are called Hispanic are in fact either Indians or mestizos (mixed race Indian/white). A very small percentage are whites who speak Spanish (ie Cuban elites, Mexican elites, etc). This allows for conflation of Hispanic Mexican ex-Presidente Vincente Fox (6'4" with blue eyes) and the 5' Stone Age Indian having an IQ of 75 whose ancestors were cutting the beating hearts from children only a few generations ago.

Mestizo is FAR more accurate than Hispanic and tells us exactly whom we are facing. Of course that's why the Hispanics themselves use mestizo, indio, gringo, and rubio - to clearly distinguish between the primitive Indians and the elite whites. We should do exactly the same.

Stan d Mute