Monday, March 24, 2014

Racism Kills in More Ways than One: The Health Toll

By Nicholas Stix

A reader just left the following, disturbing comment at “Hate Crime in Philadelphia: Mob of 10 Black Kids, 8-14 Years Old, Attack White Couple with Brick; NBC10 Refuses to Report Essential Facts of the Crime”:

A better question is: when will some of the men on campus organize a search party and do a bit of vigilantism? People hear the term "vigilante" and conflate it with "they got the wrong man!" Obviously this is not always the case. It is time for some street justice. Swift, sure, and often.

A very dear (and now late) friend of mine was stabbed and given a concussion on the streets of Philly; the hospital was only able to identify him by fingerprints taken because he was a financial manager of some sort that needed a license. He eventually recovered, only to be mugged again three weeks after getting out of the hospital. In both cases, it was Sons of Obama. I firmly believe these two incidents led to the heart attack that killed him.

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