Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Racist, Tall, Black Thug Threatens and Menaces Whites, but Instead Gets the Beating of His Life from a Fat, White, Arizonan


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I know a thing or two about getting worked over, and I can tell you, that white guy has cement fists (yes, that was Spanish). Most men would have broken their hands after a few blows like those on another man’s skull. He is pounding away at solid skull—no soft tissue. There’s a reason boxers get their hands taped, and wear cushiony gloves, and racist black thugs prefer to get in one sucker punch, and then do the stomp. It’s much easier and less painful for the attacker to stomp a man to death, than to beat him to death. All cowardly, racist black thugs know that. Even Al Sharpton.

Note that the white guy showed the racist black coward a lot more mercy than the former would have ever shown a white victim.

I hope the whole city of New York sees this video.

A tip ‘o the hate to the Council of Conservative Citizens, which appropriately entitled the video, “Hate crime attack backfires when thug gets beaten up on camera.”

Published on Mar 18, 2014

New York thug thinks he is tough and gets absolutely trucked and knocked out cold by some trucker dude from Arizona.


Kyra said...

Damn, that felt GOOD! Now for a cigarette.......

Anonymous said...

The trucker dude probably has Popeye arms because the 18-wheeler he drives has a manual transmission, most likely a Spicer.

Plus he might be have to do a lot more than just drive a truck.

Like help with loading it and unloading it, and doing other manual laborer work.

Anonymous said...

It's clear the white guys were trying to walk away from the incident and the black guy didn't want to let it go, then the moron throw the first punch and gets his ass kicked. I love it. Doesn't happen this way enough. The other guy let his friend fight it out one on one, even at the beginning when it looked like the black guy was on top and might win. Most situations like this white guys will let a white and black guy settle it one on one. Never happens the other way around. If it were 2 black guys and one white guy the black guys would have double teamed the white guy, and every other black dude in the vicinity would have helped out.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing new about TV/movies stereotyping white men as rapists and race crime criminals. We've all seen how TV magically turns black rapists named Teyshawn into rich white men named Roland Wellington. I caught this weeks episode of Law & Order, which is being touted as Marisa Hargitay's directorial debut, and it doesn't appear things are changing much.
We all remember the gang sexual assault on Lara Logan and other rapes on white women by Muslim men. White women can't walk the streets of many Muslim cities without being sexually assaulted. Of course the media answer to this is to write a TV script about a Muslim woman being raped by two rich, frat boy type, white executives in their business office. Lord know there is an epidemic of that happening in this country so sanctimonious TV cop shows need to crusade against it. I'm sending the link the episode, it's the current episode this week, you can watch it online though you have to watch it this week before it's replaced by next weeks episode. It features a Sharpton like preacher, Muslims playing entitled victims, cops catering to them and lot's of hyper sensitivity to "diversity". Jerry

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

I lived in Phoenix Arizona for twenty years, that looked liked the 7th ave and Indian School rd intersection, just east on Indian School at the HQ gas station.

That is not a negro neighborhood, but rather is mixed with about 55%white, 35% Mexican and 10% Amerindian, negro and others.

Discount taxi is big, one of the two big cab companies in Phoenix, and was built up by one man, a white of Irish decent starting in 1984.

The white guys are probably cab drivers for Discount.

The negro from NYC sounds Jamaican.

I saw the hip hop on the video, I wonder if negros are going to use this as justification for more negro bull and baloney behavior against whites.

I loved Phoenix Arizona, but the Mexican invasion and white liberal democrat leadership is transmogrifying Phoenix as they are the rest of America.

America the beautiful is no more.

A new, coming White Homeland is sounding real good to me.

For our beloved white posterity.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

jeigheff said...

I saw this video two days ago via a link at "Moonbattery." I also noticed that the Arizona guy eventually showed mercy to the thug.

Anonymous said...

The white guys did attempt to de-escalate and the colored guy struck the first punch.

Got beaten good. That is an extreme rarity.

And what other posters have said is true too. If that had been two colored guys both would have been beating the white man and maybe to death and not just done with it.

Sheila said...

MADE MY DAY. I was only disappointed that he did "show mercy." He should have kicked the negro's head in and stomped on his glasses. None of this "we're better than that" or "don't lower yourself to their level" crap - THIS IS WAR and I am beyond hate and rage. No room for civilization when dealing with savages. No quarter.

Nicholas said...


I hear you. However, if the white man had treated his attacker to the remorseless beating the latter deserved, the authorities--local, state, federal, Martian--would have hunted that righteous white man to the ends of the Earth. They still might, but in that case, it would have been guaranteed.


Top RUSSIAN laughs at US sanctions, calls OBUMBLER a “PRANKSTER”
March 18, 2014
Not even Jimmy Carter was openly laughed at by Russians.
The announcement by the Obama administration and its European allies that they would respond to Russia’s takeover of the Crimean Peninsula by punishing enough people to fill a football team drew public derision Monday from one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s top officials.
Sanctions against the assets of seven – seven! – wealthy Russian bigwigs and four – four! – Ukrainian apparatchiks aren’t likely to make the Kremlin shudder. Or reverse course.

Sadly the RUSSIAN is RIGHT:


Ria Sonny said...

The black guy is not Jamaican at all. He is American.... Stop trying to spill the negitivity onto a islander. U sound racist. How about that?

Leslie Lim said...

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