Monday, March 10, 2014

McDonald’s Sales Continue to Plummet


365Black--the McDonald's Way

McDonald’s Sales Continue to Plummet

The nearest McDonald’s to me has a black manager (probably owner, too), and nothing but Hispanics working there.

Why would I patronize a company that rewards blacks for being black, and refuses to hire whites?


The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

If that negro is the new face of McDonalds, McDonalds could start a new promotion with food so tasty, it's lip smackin' good.

Might give the colonels finger lickin' good, a run for the money.

After some of the stories I've heard about negros and Hispanics spitting snotty "clams" into white peoples food, I think I'll just continue staying away from McDonalds.

From the Sanctuary, where I only eat clean food, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

NOT a word of English spoken behind the counter. Probably mostly illegal aliens too.

Hired and paid a minimum wage and no benefits or regular hours.

Jobs that whitey teens used to do after school hours gone now forever.

jeigheff said...

There is a McDonald's located very close to where I work (Austin, Texas.) Just about the entire staff, if not all of it, is Mexican.

jeigheff said...

One last thing. The local Bill Miller Bar-B-Q and Jack in the Box, both within walking distance of the previously mentioned McDonald's, both employ a mix of people.

Unknown said...

Mc Juhhn gles hires surly, violent, low IQ, slow, Knee grows! It has a "365 b l a c k" policy . It is nothing more than a welfare policy, the only "innovation" the Knee grow CEO has instituted during his whole tenure! IN other words, the "mission statement" of mcdonalds went from serving the customer to being a source of welfare for Knee grows IT gives the money you pay for the overpriced juhhhhnk to Knee grow "communities" and it hires Knee grows to stand around and get their juhhhngle on in their stores. Where it once existed to serve the customer, it now exists solely for the Knee grow employees and this clearly shows. They are now allowed to ignore customers, especially white customers, that have to stand there and endure loud laughing, signing, yelling fighting, joking as if the Knee grows are in a sort of adult day care. When they do get around to taking an order they smack their lips and "tch" with irritation and resentment at having to actually do what they were paid to do. To finance all of this one now pays more than double what one paid just a year ago for their breakfast food! The ship is going down. the customers are fleeing. It will be the detroit of the business world. Knee grows can not understand the world, they can not understand business, they just understand following someone out of a mcdonalds to a park and giving them a beat down.