Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hate Crime in Portland, Oregon? Up to Eight Hispanic “Teens” Beat Raceless Man with Razor Scooter, Metal Crutch, Stomping and Fists; KOIN News Spins Story with Affirmative Action Coverage, and Hispanic ADA Undercharges Suspects, AA-Style


Francisco Angel-Silva, 19, shown in a jail booking photo after being arrested (Credit: Multnomah County Sheriff's Office).

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

As many as eight Hispanic thugs see a lone man, who was almost certainly not Hispanic, alone, and immediately resolve to beat him to a pulp, even to death. They use the pretext of asking him for a cigarette. Had he reached for a smoke to give them, they would have beaten him all the same. An alternate set-up would have been to ask the man for the time, or for some spare change.

KOIN’s alleged reporter Brent Weisberg seizes on the cigarette, and turns it into the magical “cause”—criminal academics like Mireille Miller-Young would say “trigger”—of the attack, and then misrepresents the situation, by asserting that the victim had “refused” to give his attackers a smoke. Not that it would have mattered, if he had told them to beat it! He had that right.

The Multnomah County AA ADA, Nathan T. Vasquez gave them criminal justice AA, but ridiculously undercharging the suspects. The use of multiple deadly weapons—the scooter, crutch and up to 16 feet—required at minimum first-degree assault, felony gang assault, and/or attempted murder, and/or a hate crime charge. Instead, we’re hearing only assault two and three.

At this rate, these predators will not endure any punishment.

There was only one comment at KOIN, earlier today.

SuperDave • a day ago
Again, what a comment on the society we have created for ourselves. Violent sociopaths like this, we either raise them domestically or import them as "immigrants".

I responded,
Who is "we," kimosabe?


Man gang beaten with scooter over cigarette
By Brent Weisberg
Published: Friday, March 21, 2014, 6:53 a.m.; updated: Friday, March 21, 2014, 9:49 a.m.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Police said a man was violently attacked this week with a metal scooter and a metal crutch after he refused to give several teenagers cigarettes.

The victim, who is recovering in fair condition at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, was badly injured after a group of teens approached him for a cigarette near Southeast 162nd Avenue and Southeast Stark Street.

But, when he didn’t have any cigarettes to offer them, the group attacked the man with a “Razor” scooter and a metal crutch, in addition to kicking and punching him repeatedly, according to Deputy District Attorney Nathan T. Vasquez’s statement in court documents.


Cheimy Matos was arrested Thursday March 20 for his alleged involvement in a gang beating Thursday in Gresham (KOIN)

He told police he believed there were as many as eight people attacking him at one point.

Officers found a broken scooter and a crutch near the crime scene — both were covered in blood spatter, according to court documents.

19-year-old Francisco Angel-Silva was arrested with a 14-year-old boy. Silva is charged with one count of second degree assault, one count of third degree assault.

Gresham Police said another man, Cheimy Matos, was arrested Thursday near the site of the attack, at 6050 SE 162nd.

A Portland Police officer who was on patrol in the area when the attack happened heard someone yelling “stop” and saw several people running.

Police said the attack was recorded on video from a nearby business. Silva is shown attacking in the video, court documents state.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes with these stories, especially the ones involving black on white violence, you have to piece together information because the news outlets tend to selectively omit information. The first link I sent re this story didn't have a photo of the victim. One news channel, KATU, did supply a picture of him and his name: Tyler Valenti, a 24 yr. old developmentally disabled caucasian man. As per usual a person clearly not capable of defending themself is chosen for a gang assault.
The 2nd link has a video showing the adult perp Cheimy Matos in court, despite his hispanic sounding name you will note he clearly has African ancestry. The mug shot seems to have lightened his skin and made him a bit ambiguous but if you go to 1:19 in the video it's undeniable.
The video is too grainy to determine race but I'd be willing to bet it was mostly "African Americans" or "black" latinos. I don't know what it's like in other major cities but in Portland attacks on whites by only hispanics is pretty rare, I can't even think of the last time it's happened. Usually if hispanics are involved it's gangs of black men that might have hispanic or two in the mix. The general public can be misled by the media because if there is one hispanic in a black gang assault the media will make the one hispanic face more prominent to distract from the fact it was primarily a black gang assault (remember the NYC public Peurto Rican day sexual assaults of black men on white women). I personally don't have any more fear when I see groups of hispanic kids than when I see groups of white kids, even if they look a little sketchy. I do however feel nervous when there are blacks around because I know the odds of something happen goes up astronomically.
I'm posting this because I'm not sure it's a strictly a "hispanic" on white situation. This Cheimy Matos punk was clearly black and the oldest on in the group, very possible the others were following his lead. Not excusing anyone else involved but IMHO when you take blacks out of the mix this stuff doesn't happen nearly as much.
If more more comes out about this, I'll send it but because they were underage I doubt we'll get anymore descriptive info about the perps.

Anonymous said...

In trying to find out more info re the "Razor Scooter" attack, I found there was another "scooter" attack by "teens" fairly recently (July 2013) I never heard anything about it at the time but I doubt it went beyond any local reporting. The victim was a 72 yr. old Indian but searching through various news reports I could find nothing re the race of the perps. Just the usual code word "teen". If it were white kids the possibility of racial bias would certainly have been brought up, so I think in all likelihood the attackers were black. The comments fields are more enlightening than the news report. As usual. Jerry

Anonymous said...

when speaking of Mexican or negro youth that are described as teen please keep in mind they mature at an earlier age and mature more so and faster when they do.

By the time they are 13 or 14 years of age they already have the body of an adult and are capable of using it in a violent manner.

Anonymous said...

That man and other whitey like him need to get concealed carry and CARRY.

That attack was the use of lethal force, whether the villains realized it or not.

A person carrying could have responded with lethal force and been justified.

Anonymous said...

Check their immigration status too.

Anonymous said...

Probably had nothing to do with a cig. Was just an opportunity to have some fun by beating a whitey nearly to death.

Anonymous said...

Hispanic ADA.

His "Hispanic" brothers mean a lot to him. Too bad they didn't beat him to a pulp.

Cheimy Matos said...

I was there that's not how it happen I watch the whole thing

Nicholas said...

The pseudonymous liar calling himself “Cheimy Matos”:

Let’s see. You’re a pseudonymous coward posting under an obviously fake name, which just happens to be the name of one of the suspects, yet you expect me to believe that you were there, you saw everything, and things happened much differently than reported? If you were there, it’s because you were one of the perps. But you weren’t there at all. You’re just a despicable, racist, lying friend or fan of the racist, would-be murderers.

Anonymous said...

and if he is housed in Inverness jail how is he commenting????? . becouse his criminal CSK gang friends are trying to minimize the fact that they commited an intentional crime!