Friday, March 21, 2014

Confirmation: Don Lemon is Just Another Pretty, Gay, Black Supremacist Face


Don Lemon just loves talking science!

By Nicholas Stix

Countenance discusses Dr. Lemon’s scientific research. A less generous soul might accuse Lemon of being a black hole, but not me!


Anonymous said...

CNN: Colored News Network

countenance said...

Don Sour Lemon, a black hole? A hole, maybe, but not quite black enough.

Lighter than the paper bag.

Anonymous said...

A friend who is an American citizen, but originally from Sri Lanka, said that the Malaysian Airlines plane did end up in a black hole.

He said it was flown to Detroit, and is probably now in a chop shop.

Anonymous said...

That time I saw Mr. Lemon wearing the bow tie I thought instantly Black Muslim. I wonder.

Black hole.

Black cloud. [hanging over your head]

Black Thursday. Black Monday. Etc. [stock market crashes]

The Black Knight. [the bad knight]

Black Heart White Hunter. [Clint Eastwood behaving badly]

Anonymous said...

Black Muslims are mostly light skinned negroes