Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Malaysian Air Disappearance: Why Do Immigration Enthusiasts Sabotage Identity Security?



By Nicholas Stix

By Ryan Kennedy at VDARE.

With all due respect to my colleagues Brenda Walker, who is a living legend, and the great numbers-cruncher, Linda Thom, my VDARE editor Peter Brimelow has a knack for getting sharp, ballsy young men to write for him. Peter’s secret weapon is that he is one of the only editors in America who will pay for real journalism on public policy—which inevitably brings us to race and ethnicity—instead of racial socialist or Chamber of Commerce propaganda. Thus, ballsy, bright young men like Ryan Kennedy, James Kirkpatrick, and yours truly; and ballsy, bright, old geezers like John Derbyshire and Steve Sailer end up at VDARE by default.


Anonymous said...

YEP, this is strange indeed. That airliner just disappears. And so far the entire episode is low key, with little coverage. They DO NOT WANT TO SCARE ANYONE.

Anonymous said...

That Thailand area is a popular destination for the sex trade and such and a lot of passports I guess are lost or stolen.

Phuket is one of the places mentioned.

Anonymous said...

These bad guys hide the cell phone with bomb inside their bodies. Surgically implanted and impossible to detect. So it is said. And someone on the ground calls the cell phone number and boom!

Anonymous said...

This Ryan Kennedy is right. Open Borders means NO ID of any type.