Monday, March 17, 2014

Detroit: Three Black Males Beat Old Black Man to Death


Party store murder scene

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Black Fox 2 reader Roderick Holifield has the whole thing figured out: It’s all whites’ fault.

C David Hill you and Pamela are the problem and the reason we are in this mess, Racist white people


3 suspects arrested in beating death of elderly man
By Randy Wimbley
Posted: Mar 16, 2014 11:27 P.M. EST; updated: Mar 17, 2014 8:09 A.M. EST
Fox 2 News

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Three suspects are in custody after the beating death of an elderly man at a party store on 8 Mile and Hubbell.

Click on the video player to watch Randy Wimbley's live report. UPDATE: 3 suspects now in custody.

Detroit police tell us the victim is a black male between the ages of 60-65. He was assaulted inside the Happy Food party store around 7:30pm. The suspects are all black males ages 15, 16, and 39. Police say the victim was beaten for unknown reasons. After the assault he was taken to Grace Hospital where he was pronounced dead.


Anonymous said...

The murder of a senior citizen by a person of lesser age is normally categorized as an aggravated offense. Three times the amount of normal punishment is what the offense calls for in most locales. Since this is Dee-troit city you can expect less.

Anonymous said...

NO reason given for the attack other than maybe: "they did know who the man was?" Something like that.

Anonymous said...

A party store. THEY like to party hardy. Really going to party hardy now.