Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tech School Student Allegedly Stabbed Classmate, While Exiting Bus; KPRC News Producer: the “Stabbing Happened,” as if the Knife Just Fell from the Sky


One of Gerald Allen Spikes' many mug shots

By Nicholas Stix

Thanks to reader-researcher RC for this story.

KPRC producer Erica Young also plum forgot to mention that suspect Gerald Allen Spikes had already been arrested June 14, July 28, and September 28 of last year, each time for illegal weapon and drug possession, and according to KPRC reader lld2282, had (adult) arrests going back to 2010. I’m sure his juvi record would also make for, ahem, arresting reading.

Man accused of stabbing classmate on METRO bus
Author: Erica Young, News Producer
Published on: Mar 12 2014 08:00:22 P.M. CDT

Gerald Allen Spikes is accused of stabbing a classmate on a METRO bus.

An arrest has been made after a stabbing on a METRO bus.

Gerald Allen Spikes, 24, is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Spikes is accused of stabbing a man in his arm on a METRO bus on March 5.

According to court documents, the stabbing happened as Spikes exited the bus.

The victim told investigators he knew his attacker. According to court documents, Spikes and the victim are classmates at ITT Technical School's north campus.

According to court documents, the suspect got away on foot after the stabbing.
Spikes has since been arrested.

Spikes is being held in the Harris County jail on $30,000 bond.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice the Austin drunk driving story is going away quickly with no mention of the perp's name or mug shot. If you guessed he was a good boy - you were right:

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Colt Mcmilli said...
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Colt Mcmilli said...
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Colt Mcmilli said...
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Nicholas said...

Dear Mr. McMilli,

Thanks for writing. I’m glad to see you’re still alive.

If shooting through someone’s house isn’t attempted murder, I don’t know what is. I would appreciate any information you can give me about that crime (as exact as possible), as well as any others you have heard of Spikes committing. That would include addresses (e.g. of your home on the date of the crime), dates, and times of day, and how you know that it was Spikes that shot up your house (did you see him or hear his voice at the time?). As you surely know, police and prosecutors have a nasty habit of “forgetting” or “disappearing:” whole batches of crimes by a given perpetrator. Thus, they are likely to tell me that they have no idea what I’m talking about, and act like I’m stupid or crazy, so I need the best information you can give me, including any news stories that appeared about any of these crimes.

Best of luck.

Please write me in confidence at