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Black Serial Killer James Brown Convicted of Murdering 4 Women


I published this picture, to emphasize how gigantic Brown is, such that he could murder two girls at the same time

Brown and his four known victims

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Man convicted of killing 4 women from escort site

By Ed White
February 28, 2014, 8:45 p.m.
Associated Press/MSN News

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. (AP) — Loud cheers and sobs broke the calm of the courtroom Friday as a Detroit-area man was convicted of killing four women in his basement and stuffing their bodies in car trunks after he met them through online escort ads.

Police said James Brown killed the women in pairs, just days apart, at his Sterling Heights home in December 2011 while his mother was upstairs. The bodies were left miles away in a Detroit neighborhood. Two were burned beyond recognition when a car was set on fire.

Brown, 25, was convicted of first-degree murder, arson and disinterment of a body after a three-week trial in Macomb County court. He faces life in prison with no chance for parole when he returns on April 15.

"I wish they had the electrocutin' chair. I want a life for a life. He needs to die," said Chikita Madison, the mother of one victim and the aunt of another.

Denise Higgins, the mother of another victim, said: "Why God has put us through this, I don't understand."

The jury deliberated less than four hours over two days after Thursday's closing arguments. Judge James Biernat Jr. told spectators to keep a lid on their emotions, but the warning didn't stop some family members and friends from loudly expressing delight as the verdict was read.

"Yes!" one man yelled after the first of 10 guilty verdicts was announced by the jury foreman.

The women who were killed were Renisha Landers, Demesha Hunt, Natasha Curtis and Vernithea McCrary, all in their 20s. They met Brown through, which carries personal ads for people looking for sex.

"I told her this was not a suitable way of meeting a guy," Higgins said, referring to McCrary. "There are sick people out there."

Brown was arrested about five months after the killings, but the trial revealed that police quickly had suspected him and put him under surveillance based on the women's phone records. Detroit's police chief at the time, Ralph Godbee, said he was disgusted that a city already struggling with an awful reputation for crime had become a dumping ground for homicide victims from the suburbs.

Authorities found Brown's DNA under the nails of two victims and tiny drops of blood from another were on a pillow and a door in his basement. He made incriminating statements about getting rid of the bodies, although he denied any role in their deaths.

Doctors who performed autopsies believe the women were asphyxiated by Brown, who is 6 feet, 10 inches tall and weighs 340 pounds, but they couldn't declare an exact cause of death. Defense attorney Jeff Cojocar repeatedly made that point to the jury.

Cojocar said he respected the jury's decision but still believed he had raised reasonable doubt about Brown's guilt.

"What's a little weird is he lived for 23 years and had no trouble of any kind. He's going to go crazy for seven days and kill four women? It doesn't make sense to me," Cojocar said.

Assistant prosecutor Therese Tobin believes Brown was capable of killing more women.

"Four people makes you a serial killer," she said after the verdict. "I don't think you can kill four people and stop, but I'll leave that to psychologists."


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The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

I never heard of the serial murderer of white women, one James Brown.

Need I say it, if James had been white, and the women negresses, would we ever hear the end of such an atrocity.

Would not the story be splashed front-page on every LMSM outlet both constantly and over a long period of time?

But as we all know, if the/a white liberal and negro illusion is not promoted by the LMSM, the illusion falls into jeopardy by the truth of reality.

Therefore the white liberal policy to bury the truth that kills the illusion and over promote a single truth as if it were the whole and only truth.

A con game for sure.

Time to talk about a finale and successful separation from white liberals and negros.

For our white posterity.

For our new, White Homeland.

From the sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard of this guy. Looks like he was actually caught a couple of years ago but never go much media coverage. Another black serial killer the media has downplayed. Has there been even one white serial killer identified and caught the last few years? I can't think of one. That makes the last FOUR serial killers caught all black men:
Anthony Sowell; Michael Madison; Samuel Little and now James Brown. Jerry

Anonymous said...

6' 10" and 340 pounds. That is a man monster like you might find in the professional wrestling ring.

Large size persons rarely make good criminals. Too easy to spot and catch.

Anonymous said...

This guy is going to be a danger to everyone in the joint.

Anonymous said...

Michigan has NO death penalty but if there was one someone would suggest because the man is so big it would hard to execute him.

Unknown said...

Shut your racist cave dwelling Ass up

Anonymous said...

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