Sunday, March 05, 2017

Sunday Morning Tears: The Usual Suspect, 59, Charged with Armed Robbery and Murder, Both First-Degree, for Allegedly Beating Kind, Pretty, White Liquor Store Owner and Mom, 46, to Death with a Wine Bottle, Exactly 7 Weeks After Getting Paroled for First-Degree Armed Robbery, and After Repeatedly Violating Parole


War crime victim Charlotte “Char” Lahr

Suspected war criminal, Kevin Quander’s, newest mug shot

By Reader-Researcher A.L.

UPDATE: Parolee charged with murder following South Ave. homicide pleads not guilty
March 04, 2017 05:49 P.M.

Update: We were at Kevin Quander's arraignment on Saturday, where we learned that he has pled not guilty. He will be held in jail until March 9th at 10:30 a.m., which is when the pre-trial hearing will take place. He is being held on no bail.

In addition, according to arraignment paperwork, Quander is accused of forcibly stealing property from Charlotte Lahr while armed with a knife. In addition he is accused of using a wine bottle to beat Lahr about the head and face during the alleged robbery, which the complaint argues caused her death.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe page has been set up for Charlotte Lahr to help pay for funeral expenses.

[N.S.: I cannot vouch for the legitimacy of the GoFundMe page. These pages are frequently set up by con artists, in order to fleece generous members of the public. As gofraudme has repeatedly shown, the operator of GoFundMe makes no effort to protect the public from criminals. He is only concerned with being PC, and raking in the dough.]


A parolee has been arrested for a brazen attack on a woman at a liquor store on South Avenue Thursday evening.

Police say 59-year-old Kevin Quander has been charged with first degree murder and first degree robbery. They add that Quander is currently on parole for first degree robbery, and was just released from prison on January 12, 2017.

Police tell us that officers responded to South Avenue just before 5:00 p.m. Thursday evening when they found 46-year-old

Charlotte Lahr of Greece seriously injured. They tell us Lahr was pronounced dead following first aid attempts by the Rochester Police Department and the Rochester Fire Department. Lahr owned Char’s South Ave. Wine and Liquor -- the scene of the attack.

Friday afternoon, friends of the victim brought flowers and balloons in Lahr's memory to the scene. Everyone is still in shock. Since Thursday night, we've been hearing from people who knew her.

"She was a very bubbly, very lively woman, really, she knew all of us by name and she was excited when we came in," says Mickey Lavicska, RIT student. "It's a total shock."

Mickey Lavicska is a regular customer at Char's South Ave. Wine and Liquor. He describes the owner, Charlotte Lahr or Char, as a kind woman who made everyone feel welcome.

"She was a wonderful woman," says Lavicska. "She was fine. The whole place was secure. I don't understand why anyone would want to hurt her. If they wanted to rob they could just take something and not have to do anything like that."

Lahr's death marks the second homicide in the city this year. Lahr was discovered with what police described as severe trauma to her upper body. Attempts to give her first aid and CPR failed and she was declared dead at the scene.

Friday morning, before a press conference, Mayor Lovely Warren asked everyone to pause for a moment of silence in memory of Lahr. The mayor said the city is working hard every day to steer people away from committing crimes.

"One thing that we cannot do is legislate morality," said Mayor Warren. "We can hope that once people make that decision they're held accountable. That's what we plan to do here. Whoever committed this crime, we plan to make sure that that person is held accountable."


Lynette Adams and Nina Porciuncula

Updated: March 04, 2017 05:49 P.M.
Created: March 03, 2017 04:33 P.M.

N.S.: According to an update by WHEC reporter Nina Porciuncula, Quander was a career criminal who had been under intense supervision, and who had already violated parole twice, but had not been returned to prison.

Note that black felons of all ages routinely violate parole, probation, and house arrest, without being punished, and then go on to commit murder, e.g., the murderers of Eve Carson (NC) and Samuel Irick (TX).


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
When I saw the name "Lovely" I figured it had to be a fat black woman. Sure enough, I was right. Who the hell names their daughter Lovely anyways? Only an unattractive overweight Laquisha type. Does anybody think she actually cares that a pretty white woman was beaten to death? I doubt it, the only thing she's feels bad about is not being able to let the brother get away with it.

Anonymous said...

In the normal run of a decent life, one would think that age - and repeated incarceration - might impart some level of basic restraint and wisdom: this never seems to be the case with this demographic.
I have no doubt that the woman beaten to death by this animal gave him what he wanted, but such is the visceral, vicious hate they have for whites that he beat her to death, making sure to destroy her beauty.
Here is the mayor of Rochester, 'Lovely Warren', another political genius with her own 'record':
Can anyone translate this idiocy from her 'press conference' following this murder?
"One thing that we cannot do is legislate morality," said Mayor Warren. "We can hope that once people make that decision they're held accountable. That's what we plan to do here. Whoever committed this crime, we plan to make sure that that person is held accountable."
I'm sure her sense of 'accountability' is profoundly different from that of the Lahr family: black city regimes - and their district attorneys - seem to prove this time and time again.
Something tells me that this POS will one day walk free again.

Anonymous said...

Another nail in the coffin on the theory that "blacks mellow with age".I actually thought that idea was possible in my younger years.Not so much anymore.
One of the supervisors I briefly worked for,seemed to be a mellow Morgan Freeman type.He retired and shortly afterwards,at the age of 65,was arrested for felonious domestic assault with a weapon (gun)as he pistol whipped
and pointed a loaded gun at his(black)wife.I never saw the outcome of the charges.This was about 6 years ago.
The sociopathic tendencies blacks have,are said to slightly decrease with age for most.Obviously in this horrific incident,that was not the case.My sympathies to her family.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

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The truth is,USAA should be ashamed of pulling this stunt.The black male on white female crime is horrific and an epidemic.If you consider that most of the white women with blacks become druggies and braindead human beings--if not actually deceased,the outrage becomes obvious to all but USAA.
I wish someone would show WHY she probably needs life insurance,in the first place, because of her association with the nig.It's also unfortunate this stuff is so easily approved by companies trying to be accepted by this unsuccessful segment of society.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I missed this on the Oscars because I was only intermittently watching but I just caught this news bit:
I was able to watch the segment where Jimmy Kimmel brought Gary from Chicago on stage on Youtube and it was clearly an attempt to get more negroes on stage at the Oscars. Supposedly they picked the couple up at random and didn't tell them they were going to the Oscars, but I don't believe either is true, they were chosen because of their race and certainly got some kind of prep beforehand.

It turns out that "Gary from Chicago" was in prison for attempted rape, which means he likely has committed rape and just gotten away with it before. It's ironic (or predictable) that Kimmel and his writing team randomly pick out a black couple and the man turns out to be a sex criminal. According to the article, he met his wife in prison. She must be a prison groupie and looking at her I can see why. It's hilarious to see this POS shaking hands with all those celebs and you know not a one would let him alone with their daughters for a single second.

Also according to the article his public defender, Karen Nash, claims he was in jail for stealing perfume but the article supplies a page from Meghan's law website with his actual offense: Attempted rape. There's a vast gulf of difference between shoplifting and sexual assault so I'm going to guess that this is an attempt to whitewash what this mope did in order to sustain his 15 minutes of fame.

Despite all this, I have a hard time disliking Jimmy Kimmel, of all the current late night shows his is the only one I can stomach watching a full episode of and I still have fond memories of the raucously funny Man Show which gave him his start in show business. He's liberal but doesn't stridently shove it in our faces like Colbert does and when he pokes fun at Trump it's the closest to Johnny Carson like ribbing there is, as opposed to the sanctimonious cheap shots the others specialize in.