Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"They Kept Shooting": Father of 6-Year-Old Boy Killed by Cops Speaks Out for First Time

By Reader-Researcher RC

Wed, Mar 22, 2017 7:41 p.m.

Cops on trial are black.


Anonymous said...

Negro Nightly News had this on a while back.NNN was not judgemental on this incident--as they were when white cops shot blacks,in the past.This report went through disparaging the white guy as almost asking for it.They listed his past criminality as an excuse.
Black cop:"We didn't see the kids."
Not fair and balanced.

Anonymous said...

Every night that Negro Nightly News (NNN)returns for its 630pm broadcast,they just add to the evidence,that the stories they choose to air,are done with an agenda and an anti-white bias.You cannot be respected as an independent news organization,with the content they throw onto their newscasts.
Tonight,Peter Alexander(the "not Great")showed that he belongs with the cast of other venomously anti-Trump reporters like Katy Tur,Hallie Jackson,Andrea Mitchell and Christine Welker,with a scathingly subjective report about DJT's views of illegal voters,wiretapping and Inaugural attendance.
"All unsubstantiated",said Alexander.That's the word repeated(as mantra)by media."Unproven",is another one.
Alexander is now a regular at Sean Spicers daily press briefing,asking questions in a disrespectful and antagonistic tone.Then on NNN,he does a rip job on anything Trump with no pretense of objectivity.
Also tonight,Lesta Holt pointed out a white man who went to N.Y. to specifically kill a black--and then turned himself in.James Jackson was brought to the nations attention in another effort by NBC to publicize the rare white on black attack that occurred-- and do it with an almost orgasmic glee.Every white that commits a crime(the kind that fits their narrative of "The white man is EVIL")is shown.
However,I cannot recall any black crime,save for the black mass murderer on the West Coast,that was given similar attention.None.And there are plenty of examples,as we read here on this site.
Sickeningly slanted.
As I looked this story up on Google,the other sites like CNN had a lead sentence,"A 66 year old man was stabbed to death in Manhattan late Monday,for one reason:being black."
How many racist murders by blacks against whites are given similar attention,by CNN and NNN?None that I can recall.
And the beat goes on....
--GR Anonymous