Thursday, March 30, 2017

Homosexual “Angel of Death” Serial Killer, Donald Harvey, Who Murdered up to 87 People During the 1970s and ‘80s, is Beaten to Death in Prison


“A prisons spokeswoman says the 64-year-old was found beaten at the state's prison in Toledo. He is pictured above in 1987 standing before a judge during sentencing in Cincinnati”

By Reader-Researcher RC

At the Daily Mail.


Harvey more recently


Anonymous said...

As Jim Nabors used to say,"Surprise,surprise,surprise"(That's how I try to mesh the Harvey story with this one).
The murder that I thought was 99% probably black on black,is now(probably) black on white,with the deceased man,found in the 100 block of Putnam--near Division, identified as Wesley Carroll,52.
The odds of a white man being in that area are very low.He very well could be a transient hobo.The picture of him on WOODTV is a mugshot.Still,the huge majority of that area is populated by blacks--many transients themselves.No real details about the victim at all,no motive(robbery,my guess) or suspects.Very rough area of town,but in GR--ain't they all.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Not really 87 people,but Chicago had a shooting at a southside joint that killed 4 people.Very mafia like,but by blacks vs blacks.Big news,I thought.Big enough to make the NNN?That is,the Filtered Negro Nightly News.No chance.Zero black crime is reported on NNN,but on tonight's "Inspiring America",an ex cop (black)gets a Gofundme page going for a black girl at McDonalds,so she can go to nursing school.Quick $7500 raised and then a lot more afterwards.
Lesta says,"Just goes to show there's some nice people out there."
I said,"The blacks sure do stick together."Whites should learn from that.Then a question.Is this girl intelligent enough to be a nurse,when she couldn't think up the GOFundMe ruse by herself?
Anyways,another slanted piece of trash news broadcast,that shouldn't have made the airwaves.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

A slight qualifier to the "Blacks stick together"adage.That's true until they decide they want to kill each other.Then the hatred is immense.But quickly,in seconds, they stick together AGAIN,by disappearing and not talking to the cops.
Not normal.
--GR Anonymous