Monday, March 27, 2017

Another Day, Another Murder in Grand Rapids, Hometown of President Gerald R. Ford


The late Jamel Parker

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

Another day, another murder in GR. The West side, invaded by blacks in the last 5 years, has another (probable) black-on-black murder, as a body retrieved from the Grand River is identified as 31-year-old black, Jamel Parker. He had been missing for a month, since a fight broke out on Broadway Street (ghetto West Side street), and Parker was seen running away.

Interviews with fat, white trash women friends of his were shown recently, asking for info on his whereabouts, but then a body was found floating near shore last week. Police say it's a murder. Probably a thug, who died a thug’s death.

I only report this in the context as evidence, of a continuing decline of the formerly safe (and white) West Side of GR.

No other news value imho.

--GR Anonymous

Monday, March 27, 2017 at 12:15:00 P.M. EDT


David In TN said...

I recall a comment Gerald Ford made to the Washington Press Corp when he replaced Spiro Agnew as Vice President. Ford said, "Forget the (my) voting record. It's Grand Rapids."

Ford was trying to reassure the Press by saying in effect, "I'm really a liberal but had to pretend to be a conservative representing a "conservative" city.

Richard Reeves, an unfriendly biographer, pointed out Grand Rapids had elected a black mayor about that time, meaning it wasn't that conservative a place circa 1974.

Anonymous said...

Ford,whatever his political leanings were(probably moderate/ conservative),would be shocked if he saw this city now.
Funny you mentioned REVEREND Parks,because the mayor prior to our current Rosalyn Bliss (liberal),was ultra liberal REVEREND George Heartwell.His views on minority housing and other pro-minority issues--were the first and continuing nails in the coffin.He held office for 12 years,before term limits were imposed.The damage was done.
I highly recommend to any citizens,that if a REVEREND is running for office--do yourself and your city a favor--do not vote for them.They may be decent people,but are hampered by a lack of judgement concerning the damage blacks and Mexicans can do to an area of town.
Now,interestingly, where do you think George Heartwell would live,being the black loving person he is.The ghetto?Nahhh,the 99% white city of Comstock Park.Just like all liberals.
Anyways,I said that Ford wouldn't know the city from 10 years ago.In ten years,I won't recognize Grand Rapids from what it is now.But I won't be here either.(Fingers crossed)
--GR Anonymous

David In TN said...

Yes, Gerald Ford wasn't really strictly speaking, a liberal, and was a moderate conservative by the standards of the time. His saying, "Forget the voting record, it's Grand Rapids," was a way of saying "i'm acceptable."