Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Remember Philando Castile? Well, His “Fiancé,” Wire Fraud Artist Diamond Lavish Reynolds, is Back in the News (Essay and Video; Language Warning)

By Nicholas Stix

Via Countenance, who has some good observations.



Good video by Sotomayor. (I don’t know why he pronounces his name, as if he were in a foreign country.)

Although his videos are much better than 99% of the ones on race by people not named Colin Flaherty, I almost never watch them, because they’re too long for my taste. But unlike the low-grades, he doesn’t sit there and mumble, while trying to come up with something to say. I used to shut those people off in a minute; now, I ignore them altogether.

His complaint about someone getting charged with mere “assault,” as opposed to attempted murder, for hitting someone in the head with a hammer, has driven me nuts for 20 years.

It’s all a part of affirmative action policing/criminal justice and fakestats. The cops write up a crime committed by a black or Hispanic as several degrees less than what it was, the DA’s office either knocks it down several more degrees, or dismisses the charges altogether. Thus, instead of a predicate, violent felony, we’ve got a piddling misdemeanor, or nothing at all.

In March 1997, a skinny, young, racist black thug sucker-punched me in the temple with a metal weapon in the A train at 1:30 a.m. I lost consciousness for maybe half a second, as I went down onto the (fiberglass?) subway bench, but immediately bounced up again.

(In 1976, another racist black thug hit me in the same place with a wooden club, but I didn’t bleed that time, because the weapon was wood, and I’m not a bleeder. But I did go down, and the lights went out for about half a second. Of course, if you hit me in the mouth, I’ll bleed, because everyone bleeds from a punch in the mouth. That’s what mouth guards are for. I didn’t even bleed when a racist, black, would-be mugger named Andre broke my nose on the A train in 1995.)

I tried to mace him and effect a citizens’ arrest, but he backed up out of range of the spray, and a second “non-criminal” black (except that he was a felon, too, by virtue of what he was doing) protected him, shepherding him off the train. (We all had to get off at the same stop, and transfer to buses, due to track work. I didn’t see either of them on the shuttle bus.)

When I came out of the subway, I found a youngish, white cop, and reported the attack to him. He dutifully took down my report, but neglected to tell me something: I was bleeding down the side of my head, from the wound.

When I get home, and look in the mirror, I see a trail of dried blood down the left side of my head.

Misdemeanor assault.

I called a few days later, and got a hostile, black, female “PAA” (police administrative assistant), and asked to speak with her supervisor, and got a white lieutenant, who was every bit as hostile as she was!

What a waste of time this guy was.

He asserted that I could have bled the way I did, from a mere punch. I tried explaining to him that I’m not a bleeder, etc.

Total waste of breath.

An honest report would have entailed attempted murder or aggravated assault. But the lieutenant was only concerned with maintaining his fakestats, i.e., keeping down his felony numbers, by hook or by crook.

By the way, re the one on the left in the freeze frame here, that’s a man, baby!


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Anonymous said...

You can kill a person by hitting them in the temple. Just as you can kill someone by slamming he back of their head into the concrete [Treyvons what he did to Zimmerman in FLA].

Chicago guy said...

It's hard to tell if the behavior of those cops is due to sheer laziness or of something deeper. It might have something to do with the hiring/screening process or perhaps the corruption that sets in after being on the job for a while. Whatever it is that's why all these people who engage in cop-worship are removed from reality.