Monday, March 20, 2017

For Those Who Can Remember, the Post-Election, JCC (Jewish Community Center) Hate Crime Hoaxes Evoke the 1996 Black Church Arson Hoaxes


The post-election, black Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church arson, in Greeneville, Mississippi, allegedly by black congregation member, Andrew McClinton. McClinton allegedly spray painted “Vote Trump,” thinking it would point to Trump supporters, when instead to any honest, decent person, it screamed, “Hate Crime Hoax!” Picture of alleged arsonist, Andrew McClinton, not included in the Atlantic’s story.

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

Juan Thompson

The recent “fake news” about bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers and desecration of Jewish cemeteries recalls a much earlier chapter in the history of Fake News—the Black Church Burnings of the 1990s.

“The Fulford File: Fake News Frenzy–Remember the Great Black Church Burning Hoax?”


Black journalism fraud Gary Fields was the media founder of the black church arson hoax in 1996. Instead of getting him fired from his job at USA Today and turning him into a pariah, à la Jayson Blair, Fields was rewarded with a job at the Wall Street Journal in 2000, where he stayed until he took a buyout last year.

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