Saturday, March 25, 2017

D.C. Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria Owner James Alefantis Forces Alex Jones to Apologize over “Pizzagate”

By Nicholas Stix

Readers will note the lack of “Pizzagate” coverage at WEJB/NSU, including blogging and even social media retwits, from yours truly. That is because I quickly lost faith in the people promoting the “Pizzagate” story alleging that the Democrat National Committee was using a pizzeria as part of a pedophilia ring.

Since hard evidence is so often difficult to come by in scandal stories, at least early on, I proceed like a juror in a court case, judging their demeanor in the “witness box,” and comparing what they say at point A with what they say at Point B, etc., all the way down the line. I do the same with other players, and compare what Witness #1 says to what Witness #2, et al., have to say.

Needless to say, that’s far from a perfect situation, but you work with what you’ve got.

Early on, I determined that the people promoting “Pizzagate” were exhibiting a level of hysteria in their charges that wasn’t matched by any evidence, and avoided the subject.

The only reason Alex Jones would have apologized so profusely would have to be in response to a realistic threat of a lawsuit by Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis.

I called the pizzeria in Washington, D.C., but was unable to get anyone on the phone, and the recording said that the message box was full. The restaurant’s home page had no way of leaving messages. I left a message at its Facebook page, but have yet to hear back.

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