Friday, March 31, 2017

Did Try and Deceive the Public into Thinking that Corinna Mehiel was Murdered by a White Man?


“El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure. (police)” (Heavy caption.)

The Heavy story.

The caption, "The suspect in the murder of Corrina Mehiel. (surveillance video)" is attached to a photo that doesn't look at all like the suspect.

“The photo police previously released of the person of interest in the Corrina Mehiel murder. (police photo)” Same as the photo at the top.

The apparently white man with a beard is not the suspect, and never has been. I can only imagine that Heavy is seeking to deceive the public into believing that a white man murdered Corrina Mehiel. Note too that the notorious Jessica McBride wrote the accompanying article.

At present, the suspect’s real name isn’t even known. He has reportedly gone by the aliases “Elie Brown,” “ElHadji Alpha Madiou Toure,” and many others.


Corinna Mehiel

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
We just had a house hit with "racist graffiti" in Troutdale, a suburb of Portland. The "victim" was a Hasel Ashfar, an Iranian who practices the Ba'hai faith. He said he returned home from a trip to find someone broke into his home and wrote hate messages throughout the house:
This is getting massive local attention, we'll see if it hits the national news. Police are mouthing all the usual PC tripe to appease the SJW community. A GoFundMe page was announced in the first article I saw about this. They sure work fast, it's almost prescient.
There are some red flags here: First off, if you look at the pictures of the graffiti, it's very precise, as if someone took a lot of time to be clear and even be artistic about it, doesn't seem like something real vandal would do. I saw a live interview with this guy and he speaks in a very precise way, much like the writing in the house. He said someone broke into a safe and took some coins he had from his home country, they had no value though, which is odd because why does he have a safe and not have anything of value in it? Doesn't seem to be any damage other than graffiti, things aren't smashed up or broken, it seems to only be surface type damage. Why would someone take all that time to do all that elaborate writing but not destroy anything, especially since "hate" was prominently and clearly written, I'd think a true hater would do some real damage. Speaking of artistic, whoever did it left a note weighed down with 45 caliber bullets in the shape of a cross - How about that? What kind of vandal wasted perfectly good bullets to do something like that?
It mentions in the article he had workplace issues with a supervisor and he reported being victimized by hate crimes previously. Either this guy has a persecution complex or he's very unlucky. We'll see what the investigation turns up but I have no doubt this is going to go the way of other hate crime hoaxes we've had. After the police realize he staged it himself, media will give the debunking brief token mention only, if it mentions it at all and the only things people will remember is that there was some kind of hate crime in Troutdale. All the SWJ's clamoring for justice will disappear down their little rat holes, only to reappear when the next hoax is staged to start their screaming fits all over again. Oh yeah, and Mr. Ashfar says he is leaving the country now (at least something good is coming out of this) and will have a nice little GoFundMe account to spend wherever he goes. I guess hoaxes do pay.