Tuesday, March 14, 2017

More on the Grand Rapids Gut-Shooting of a Raceless Woman by Three Black Men

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

The only update at this hour is the unnamed woman is out of surgery and in critical condition. In situations like this, you rarely get a glimpse of who the victim is—unless the family appears on TV to plea for help in solving the case.

I also know that many times, in a black-on-black shooting, the victim is dumped off at the emergency entrance. (It's almost a ritual). This vic was left at her house—so my spidey sense is tingling, “white woman.” So far, no official clues, as to her ID.

Will update when new info comes in.

--GR Anonymous

Sunday, March 12, 2017 at 8:43:00 A.M. EDT

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Anonymous said...

There are two theories going for me on this case.As I wrote before,I matched up the house shown on WOODTV as the crime scene.It was easy to find out via Google and White Pages who lives there.This woman did not have a Facebook profile,but her mother did.Her mother said in December that her daughter was going to have a baby.This daughter's age is 26.The person shot was described as 22.
The theories are:The girls knew these guys--and therefore it should be easy for police to acquire information about these thugs from the girls,neighbors etc.
Or a robbery. (I heavily lean against that idea.)
This is a ghetto area(what ISN'T in GR?),where racial mixing is the result of the blitzkrieg of blacks into these neighborhoods.
There has not been one shred of info about this case since Sunday.The thugs are probably in Detroit.I'm sure the cops know who they are.Just waiting on a break in the case--and keeping the doors secure until there is one.
--GR Anonymous