Saturday, March 25, 2017

University of Tennessee Black Football Players Rape Case (2014) is Going Nowhere, and May Hinge on Court Decision, Whether Defendants Can Subpoena Social Media Messages of Accuser and Her Friends


A.J. Johnson, front left, and his defense attorney, Tom Dillard, front right, in Knox County Criminal Court. That courthouse is familiar turf to David in TN and me, and Tom Dillard is a familiar face to us, as well. (Photo by Michael Patrick)

By David in TN

The latest (last December) from Jamie Satterfield on the Tennessee football players rape case, which doesn’t get anywhere. The accusation dates from 2014.

Judges to decide social media access for ex-UT players Johnson, Williams
Knoxville News Sentinel

A three-judge panel will hear arguments on whether former University of Tennessee football players A.J….


Co-defendant Michael Williams' mug shot


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