Sunday, March 19, 2017

One of Grand Rapids’ Recent Murders: Possible Clue in the Murder of Laurie Kay Lundeburg


Laurie Kay Lundeburg: The face of "neighborhood succession"; was she a war crime victim?

[“Laurie Kay Lundeburg, 50, is Just Another Murder Victim in Diverse Grand Rapids, Michigan’s ‘Fastest Growing Urban Area’! Pop. Only 195,000, but 20.1% Black, and 15.6% Hispanic” (Four GRA Reports in One Entry!)]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

Sunday, March 19, 2017 at 6:14:00 P.M. EDT

The first nugget of a clue concerning this murder was revealed in a report on WOOD tonight.

In an interview with a neighbor, Jesus Castillo, it was explained by Castillo that Lundeberg had been having trouble with tenants—and in fact was trying to evict “the young punks,” as Castillo called them. In fact he said that Lundeberg had been assaulted previously by this group.

He said he told her, “You don't have to take this from these young punks.”

It shouldn't be too long, based on this information to get some arrests. My assumption that Mex thugs did this is gaining much more traction.

Nice interview by WOOD.

N.S.: I wish that Castillo had refused to give his name, or to be interviewed on camera. Now his life is in danger.

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