Friday, March 24, 2017

The Chicken Wings Murder, in East Houston: Two “Teens” Allegedly Suckered Man into Paying with Cash, Plus Chicken Wings, for Sex with the Female, 18, but Instead Beat and Stabbed Him to Death, and Set Him on Fire


Courtney Burks, 18, and Shaquan Bennett, 18, are charged with capital murder

By A Texas Reader

“A witness told police Standley was seen on his computer negotiating a price for sex with a woman, who also asked him to bring her chicken wings, prosecutors said.”

N.S.: I haven’t been able to find a picture of the vic, but the judge at Shaquan Bennett’s bail hearing (he was denied bail or bond) referred to the “complainant” as a “black male.”

I didn’t know that a corpse could swear out a complaint.

Note that neither of the defendants is a “teen,” a term for someone under age.

Note too that Michael Slager was denied a bail hearing for over five months. Conversely, these mopes got one less than seven days after being arrested.

Teens accused of luring man, then stabbing, beating, lighting him on fire

Prosecutors said the male and female suspects lured a man seeking sex to an apartment, beat and stabbed him to death, then burned his body.


Anonymous said...

Teens! Underage! But still very dangerous. Possessing a diabolical mentality. Such over-kill on a victim an indication of a perverse and depraved mentality.

Anonymous said...

50% of the black population is sociopathic...the other 50% are just plain dense.
These two thugs combined both aspects to achieve their DNA potential:
Life in prison...until Michelle Obama or Oprah decide to let them out at some future point in time,with a pardon.
--GR Anonymous
By the way,slow going on both recent murders in Grand Rapids.A complete week of silence from police.Will update as new info as released.

Anonymous said...

Dear god! Who would pay for sex with that?!

Truth-hammer said...

Long-time reader, first time poster. I have heard of niggers murdering for pizza, the last pork-chop, rib, or piece of chicken. Chicken-wings is a first.