Sunday, March 19, 2017

"St." Jose Fernandez was a Killer


Emilio Jesus Macias, victim of Jose Fernandez

Eduardo Rivero, victim of Jose Fernandez

By Nicholas Stix

Thanks to “W”

There was no “tragic accident” that killed Miami Marlins pitching star Jose Fernandez. Fernandez was high as a kite on alcohol, cocaine, and “multiple other substances,” when he piloted his boat at insane speeds (65 mph) in the dark, in a dangerous area, killing his friends, Jesus Macias and Eduardo Rivero. Some friend.

When Fernandez died, the baseball world and the media acted as though he had died alone, and his death was the most significant in the history of the world. We got to hear obscene speeches from affirmative action, Hispanic media activists on how important Fernandez was to them. For days on end.

When non-Hispanic white players like Darryl Kile died during their playing days, the baseball world mourned, but did so with dignity, and did not ascribe biblical significance to the departed. And none of those non-Hispanic white guys had died killing others.

Do not expect those who reacted obscenely to Fernandez’ death to show any remorse, now that they have learned how he killed.

Due to his youth, and having missed his second season in the big leagues, due to Tommy John surgery, Fernandez was only worth $2 million-$3 million, which was expected to be split between his mother and the pregnant girlfriend, whom he had not had the decency to marry. Now, his estate will have to be split four ways, including the Macias and Rivero families.

I’m sure some “journalist,” somewhere, must have devoted stories to the significance of the lives of Jesus Macias and Eduardo Rivero, and the grief of their families and friends. I just haven’t come across them.

“Jose Fernandez was Piloting Boat at Time of Fatal Crash, Per Investigators” (Bleacher Report).


Jose Fernandez, killer

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Anonymous said...

Agree--and Prince's death by drug abuse was not criticized either,but ignored.Cause of death should be given some level of importance,as it indicates how one lived their life--and if found to be stupidly--should be reported in an honest manner..
The fake media glosses over much these days.They judge Trump to the extreme,but fail to do so on obvious examples of less than stellar decision making.
I agree 100% on Jose Fernandez.Talented arm,yes..great person,no.
--GR Anonymous.