Monday, March 20, 2017

Even Their Reporters are Crooks! A Mexican Reporter Stole Tom Brady’s Jerseys from Not One, but Two Super Bowls, but We’re Not Allowed to Point that Out! And MSM Refuse to ID the Mexican Thief

By Nicholas Stix

Yahoo’s headline is deliberately confusing: “Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl 51 jersey has been found in possession of a member of the international media in Mexico.”

“International media” makes it sound like there is some shadowy collective of stateless media operatives. English translation: The foreign media, more specifically, the Mexican media.

At Yahoo.


Anonymous said...

The media is--as a group--totally insane.From withholding facts(like race) to concocting narratives and pushing a philosophy of over reporting white crime and under reporting (or excusing and condoning) black,Mex and Muslim crime.
Today on my local news,they did a report on the happiest countries in the world,Norway,Sweden,Finland,Denmark are the happiest.The US dropped to 14th,with the organization behind the list, offering suggestions that would make us all "happy".
My favorite:We need to get over the post 9/11 attack.There's too much fear of another 9/11.
Another is the fact that THEY think we need to be more generous and understanding with immigrants.
This kind of report(propaganda)is typical of most news.Whites are wrong to try to protect what's left of the USA.We'll obviously be happier when Muslims are chopping our heads off and the blacks and Mex are robbing us on a daily basis.The problem is..the media HAS been successful brainwashing a large segment of our white population.Another 9/11 would end that thinking for decades.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
All Scandinavian countries! One has to wonder how long that happiness index is going to last with the mass importation of 3rd worlders. Ask them again in 30 yrs. I suspect it will be much different.

Anonymous said...

All the Muslims will be happy after they deport the native countrymen--or kill them--and make the country their own.Stupid Scandanavians.