Saturday, March 18, 2017

ABC 20/20 is Ignoring Many of the Worst Atrocities in America, None of Which it Has Ever Covered, to Instead Focus on Done-to-Death Charles Manson; I Wonder Why?


War crime victims Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, of the Knoxville Horror

By David in TN

ABC 20/20 is running a "new" special on Charles Manson tonight (Friday). Why don't they do one on the Zebra/NOI killings? Or the Knoxville Horror?

Meeting Charles Manson in prison made 'the hair on the back of my neck' stand up, says former ABC News sound man.


War crime victim, NYPD Officer Phillip Cardillo, murdered in an ambush by the NOI


David In TN said...

Not only was their nothing new in the program, most of the footage was from an ABC piece on the subject back in 1994.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
In the past few weeks I've spotted headline (reminder) articles on the Zodiac killer, Rodney Alcala and some 70's era white spree killer (can't recall his name because when I saw he was white just shut it out of my mind in disgust). I call them reminder articles because they are designed to remind us about white serial and spree killers. You virtually never see those kind of articles about black or other non white ones. They can't stop making movies, writing books, documentaries, and even had a recent TV series about Manson. He's the quintessential "white" boogeyman, an honorary serial killer, even though he never actually killed anybody himself and it's even debatable whether or not he actually ordered anyone killed. I believe the conservative establishment at the time used him to portray the hippie movement as some kind of violent cult, a movement with plenty of flaws and based on a fundamentally naive ideology but certainly not filled with spree killers.

I guarantee by the end of this year the media will have reminded you at some point about Gary Ridgeway or Ted Bundy, but not Lonnie Franklin or Eugene Coral Watts, 2 black serial killers who combined may have killed 4 times as many women as Ridgeway or Bundy combined.

There will be multiple media mentions of Jeffrey Dahmer, but not Harrison Graham, a cannibalistic, necrophiliac black serial killer who turned his apartment into a charnel house with bodies of women he murdered. Graham, BTW, played the crazy card and had his death sentence commuted to life in an institution (according to negro America, it's only whitey that plays the crazy card). Despite being every bit as horrifying as Jeffrey Dahmer, and arrested at about the same time, the media has declined to give Harrison Graham any kind of significant media attention.

There will be reminders in the media of John Wayne Gacy but absolutely no mention of Samuel Little, a black serial killer active for 40 yrs. who police suspect of having killed 100? more? women. We'll likely never know because he was a mobile serial killer who killed and moved on and without mass public exposure police will never get the information from the public needed to track down how many women he killed.

Be prepared for another feature movie based on Ed Gein, a white "serial" killer who peeled the skin off two women he murdered but don't expect any mention of the fact that over 70% of arrested serial killers since 2009 have been black men.

We'll see reminders of David Koresh but not a mention of Marcus Wesson, a black incestuous pedophile who raped his daughters since childhood and then murdered them just before he was finally arrested.

Also keep in mind that the aforementioned Zodiac killer sounds very similar to the Zebra killings and whatever little public awareness of the Zebra killings there is has been overwritten in the public's mind by the blanket media coverage of the Zodiac killer.

It's a familiar game we see being played out in the headlines designed to demonize whites and pretend blacks are innocent of the depravity of serial killing. Why? I wish I knew, I just know it's going on.