Sunday, March 05, 2017

Sunday Morning Laughter

By Nicholas Stix

The Stix Family is watching Pastor Joel Osteen deliver a sermon on the need for laughter in our lives.

At one point, he tells of how, while he is getting ready to give a sermon, his bride gives him a hip check, calling him, “Stiffy.”

“She calls me ‘Stiffy.’ I call it dignified.”

At another point, he tells the old saw of the man who asks a boy, “Does your dog bite?” The boy says, “No,” so the man reaches over to pet the mutt, which promptly bites half his arm off.

“I thought you said he doesn’t bite!”

“He’s not my dog,” responds the boy.

The Pastor tells his megachurch audience, “The enemy doesn’t want to hear you laugh.”

Stix Family member 1: “Who’s the ‘enemy’?”

Stix Family member 2: “The Jews!”


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
In my city, with a relatively "small" negro population (could have fooled me, I can't get away from them), it's always big news when a black is hired for a high profile position somewhere. It's also always a disaster, well I don't know for sure if that is "always" true, but I can't think of anytime it hasn't been. A negro male has been recently appointed as Portland Public Schools Superintendent and all the signs of potential disaster are there. His name is Donyell Dickey, a 43 yr. old who has been working as chief of schools in Atlanta since 2015.
As I scanned through the story I saw some ominous signs, he has a rather spotty work history in terms of longevity, jumps around a lot to different jobs, he has limited experience in school board politics and his school district scores hovered only slight above failure rate.

Note the selfie with a background of multiracial cherubs smiling in the background, racial harmony that only a negro knows how to cultivate. He does know how to sell himself to naive crusading white liberals.

In "progressive" Portland there's nothing people love more than a "magic negro", they makes for great PR and a big splash. White liberals feel smug and righteous, though when they prove to be incompetent and racist, which they invariably do, it's always blamed on racist elements in the city. I still remember the hoopla over virulent racist Charles Moose, the police "chief" who you have featured in articles before, we also recently had a racist negro woman named Macarre Traynham appointed to a principal position which turned out to be a complete disaster:

Traynham's story could have merited a story in itself. There have been others over the years but I can't recall their names offhand, I'd have to do some research but suffice to say, the track record of negro performance in high level positions is not good. Right now the PPS (Portland Public Schools) is looking for a savior, we had a recent "scandal" with the previous superintendent, Carole Smith, a white woman, when lead was discovered in drinking water and it was felt she didn't act quickly enough to deal with the problem. By all accounts, she was a good administrator but the lead issue was an pre existing condition that recently emerged and had nothing to do with her abilities, basically it was a no win situation that she became the fall guy (or gal) for. So the school district needs some good PR due to the aftermath of Treynham and the lead situation, the mentality in my city is that we need an affirmative action magic negro to save us. I can't wait to see this blow up in their faces. I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

The lead in the water must be getting to the brain cells of the people doing the hiring over there(I'm kidding-maybe not).
It only gets worse in any area of life where you let one black in the door.Work,neighborhoods,establishments.It's never the same after that.What can you do?If you complain at city commission meetings,you get cut off.If you voice opposition in print,you get branded a racist and they hire him anyways.Then if the black misbehaves--and leaves the job,he is replaced by another black automatically,for the reason that it is no longer a best qualified position,but a quota position.
A pandora's box if there ever was one.

Anonymous said...

Maybe opinions can be given about what the motive is for SNL to have male Cabinet members of Trump's adminstration portrayed by women.Is it for pure humiliation purposes?Is this a variation of minstrelism?To have Melissa McCarthy parody Spicer and now Kate McKinnon(who is great and doesn't need this garbage)imitate Jeff Sessions has obviously caught on--in the shows collective mindset.
I can see the venom(by Lorne Michaels?Higher ups?)taking this to the point where they get Rosie O'Donnell to be Trump,just to get Trump to blow a gasket.I've seen SNL for years and when they find a formula they like,they take it past the point of overdoing it and comedic exhaustion.This is just getting started,so I expect them to try and top themselves with this theme of women portraying men.
What does everyone think?I don't watch the show,but my local news showed clips.
"Funny stuff",said the obese black weekend anchor to his skinny white co-anchorwoman.
"Spot on",she replied.
No political subliminals from MY local news.All objective as hell.Riiiight.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Why the Jews?

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I knew some names would start coming to me. Ben Canada was the head school superintendent from 1998 to 2001 but was fired due to being terrible at his job (though it was never put quite that bluntly), he only lasted as long as he did due to the same affirmative action mentality that got him hired in the first place. He got paid around 250,000 dollars to go away. What ever happened to good old fashioned firing for being incompetent? There was tremendous hoopla over his hiring, just like with Dickey and Treynham, but it didn't last long. Canada died in 2012 at 67.