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More on Corrupt, Racist, Black—if You’ll Pardon the Redundancy—Judge Laura Blackburne

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Justice Laura Blackburne

By An Anonymous Reader

Judge Blackburn was a black woman with a racist bias against whites.

One has to wonder how many black felons were on the streets instead of being in jail, where they belonged, while she was in office. She was kicked off the New York State Supreme Court for attempting to help cop-shooter William Hodges to escape punishment. She was also a member of the NAACP. Here is some information about her misdeeds:

New York Judge Laura Blackburne kicked off the Supreme Court, ending her career of misdeeds
American Action


Laura Blackburne

On Nov 12, 1999, alleged drug dealer William Hodges shot New York City Police Office David Gonzalez after he grabbed his gun out of his holster during a struggle in a Jamaica building. Hodges was arrested and charged with attempted murder. Days after the shooting, the NAACP filed complaints against the police, charging police brutality. The charges were investigated and dismissed.

On Dec. 7, 2002, Hodges was set free by Queens, New York Justice Laura Blackburne, who declared Hodges had not been granted a speedy trial.

Queens DA Richard Brown pointed out that many of the delays had been caused by Hodges’ lawyers. But that didn’t matter to Blackburne. Brown appealed the dismissal of attempted murder charges.


William Hodges

A month earlier, the New York Daily News reported that Hodges mother, Sandra and Justice Blackburne were friends and belonged to the same chapter of the NAACP.

Blackburne’s ruling was later overturned and in 2006 Hodges was retried and sentenced to 25 years in prison. The jury in Queens Supreme Court Justice Richard Buchter's courtroom said they never bought Hodges' story that cops framed him - and that Gonzalez shot himself in the hip.

In June 2004, Blackburne helped an ex-con, Derek Sterling, evade arrest by having him taken out of the courtroom through a side entrance reserved for judges and jurors. Sterling was a suspect in a violent robbery and had a hearing scheduled in a drug case before Blackburne. The cop told a court officer he wanted to question Sterling, and then waited outside Blackburne's courtroom to arrest him because it's "accepted protocol" that cops not arrest a defendant until his case is finished.

The court officer, Sgt. Richard Peterson, told Blackburne that Devlin was there and she told Peterson to get a lawyer for Sterling. That lawyer told Devlin that Sterling wouldn't talk to him and the cop then told him he was going to arrest Sterling. Blackburne was incensed, and decided to help Sterling avoid arrest by the police.

Both Peterson and a prosecutor who was in the courtroom asked the judge to reconsider, but she refused. Blackburne later blamed her decision to help Sterling evade arrest on an NYPD detective and a female assistant district attorney, because she didn't do enough to stop her. "I would have expected more," Blackburne said.

Helping a suspect evade arrest produced a political firestorm. After an investigation of her actions, on June 14, 2006, Laura Blackburne was kicked off the Supreme Court, ending her career as a judge.

In a 5-to-2 ruling, the Court of Appeals in Albany said Blackburne had "placed herself above the law she was sworn to administer, thereby bringing the judiciary into disrepute and undermining public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of her court." Her "dangerous actions exceeded all measure of acceptable judicial conduct," the judges added.

Blackburne's supporters were bitterly disappointed. "She is a superb human being, a compassionate human being and this is absolutely absurd," said Hazel Dukes, a state NAACP spokeswoman. "Our community is shocked. It's a sad day."

Previously, in 1992, Blackburne resigned as chairwoman of the New York City Housing Authority after spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to take business trips overseas. She also spent $121,000 to redecorate her personal office. This included $3,000 for a pink leather couch and another $5,500 for matching venetian blinds. Former Mayor David Dinkins had appointed her Chairwoman of the New York City Housing Authority.

Blackburne is a former counsel for the state N.A.A.C.P.

2002, Dec 7 New York Daily News


David Dinkins was the first and only black Mayor of New York City. He served for one term and was beaten in 1993 by Rudy Giuliani. Dinkins polarized New York City with his racial policies - the boycott of Korean-owned groceries in Flatbush and the 1991 Crown Heights riot where a Jewish student, Yankel Rosenbaum, was surrounded by a black gang and stabbed to death. Lemrick Nelson was charged with murder but a mostly black jury acquitted him - a decision praised by Dinkins: "I have no doubt that in this case the criminal-justice system has operated fairly and openly."[1]

1. The Politics of grievance: Dinkins, the Blacks, and the Jews," New York Magazine, December 7, 1992, p. 19

[Dinkins should have gone to prison, instead of the mayor’s residence of Gracie Mansion. Before the election, it turned out that he had illegally assigned stock to his son. Candidate Dinkins denied that he had done anything illegal, but the two explanations he gave were both unwitting confessions to felonious conduct. But he couldn’t be prosecuted, because he was New York’s first black mayor. Besides, he was already on the black exempt-from-the-law list. Earlier, when he was City Clerk, Dinkins was found t have committed tax evasion for three years, in which he never filed his tax returns. Had he been white, he would have been convicted and imprisoned. But since he was black, he just paid (supposedly) paid his taxes several years late.

There was one other scandalous incident, in which Dinkins was involved. A Dominican drug dealer in Washington Heights, Manhattan, Kiko Garcia, attempted to murder a white cop named Michael O'Keefe, but Officer O’Keefe refused to die, and instead shot Garcia dead. Garcia’s mother, who was upstirs in her apartment, lied and said that she’d seen the officer beat her dirtbag son with his radio.

Drug dealers in Washington Heights then rioted several days, with Dinkins’ implicit encouragement. Not only did Dinkins make no effort to bring Garcia’s mother to justice, but treated her as if she were a victim, and paid, at white and Asian taxpayers’ expense, to take Garcia’s corpse and his mother back to the Dominican Republic, for his funeral.

Dinkins’ support for the black supremacist and Dominican cut-throats in Flatbush, Crown Heights, and Washington Heights, led to his defeat by Rudy Giuliani in their 1993 re-match, in spite of the DPUSA enjoying a 5-1 party registration edge over Republicans in New York City, and in spite of tens of thousands of Dead Democrats for Dinkins.]

[*Hazel Dukes is a confessed thief, notorious racist, and completely corrupt individual. During the 1990s, an elderly acquaintance asked Dukes to watch over her assets. Dukes promptly stole over $100,000. Dukes wasn’t prosecuted because she’s black and was the head of the state NAACP.

When Mario Cuomo was governor of New York, he appointed Dukes the head of the then state-owned Off-Track Betting Corp. (OTB). The corporation made billions of dollars in profits, which was supposed to flow back into the state coffers, for items like education. The grand, official total of profits the corporation made under Hazel Dukes was $0.

Duke had to have stolen hundreds of millions of dollars. There was never any investigation into where the money went… because Hazel Dukes was on the black exempt-from-the-law list.

During the early 1990s, a white former OTB executive sued (and won), claiming that he had been fired by Duke, based solely on the color of his skin. Meanwhile, the white former exec showed that Dukes would hire utterly incompetent blacks without any vetting. (Mickey Kaus has called that practice, with reference to New York Times journalism fraud, Jayson Blair, "due diligence, diversity-style.") Such a black former OTB executive had claimed to have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, but in fact had never graduated from college. But he testified that he nonetheless “deserved” both degrees.]

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