Monday, April 04, 2016

Turnabout is Fair Play! White Chicago Cop Sues Greedy Family of Black Man Who Tried to Kill Him, and Whom He Killed in Self-Defense, for $10 Million

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This white Chicago copper, Robert Rialmo, is brilliant, I tell you! I don’t know why no one came up with this legal strategy earlier.

It’s become a routine part of race relations. Think Sean Bell, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, et al. Black thug either dies assaulting or trying to murder white cop, or as the result of resisting arrest, and his criminal family then sues for and gets millions of dollars from the white net taxpayers. Meanwhile, the municipality leaves the white cop twisting in the wind, and the either fires him, or coerces him into resigning, with nothing. The MSM completely support the colored criminal, and white leaders are utter cowards, who instead of denouncing the dead black thug and his despicable, racist family, apologize and hand over a fortune to them. Conversely, the same powers that be fire or drive off the force, and more often than not charge the white victim-cop with murder. Him they hold in contempt.

Robert Rialmo is flipping the script. Not only is he in the grips of trauma, but his policing career is over, and he has to leave town, and probably change his name. Anywhere he goes, racist black colleagues or personnel apparatchiks will leak his name and address, and black supremacists will hunt him down and make his life impossible. Thus, he needs enough cash to cover the rest of his working life. And so he is suing the perp’s family for all of the money they are likely to receive from the city.

Chicago officer sues estate of teen he shot, claiming trauma
By Gordon Bassham
Saturday, February 6, 2016
[Absolutely no comments permitted! Until recently, KSN permitted comments.]

CHICAGO (AP) — A white Chicago police officer who fatally shot a black 19-year-old college student and accidentally killed a neighbor has filed a lawsuit against the teenager's estate, arguing the shooting left him traumatized.

The highly unusual suit was filed Friday in the middle of the city's effort to grapple with serious questions about the future of its police force. Those questions include the adequacy of its system for investigating police shootings and how to win back public trust after several cases of alleged misconduct. [How could any police department possibly “win back public trust” from blacks? No department in the past 30-50 years, if ever, had the trust of blacks, to begin with.] The U.S. Justice Department is conducting a wide-ranging civil rights investigation, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel has promised a major overhaul of the Police Department and steps to heal its fraught relationship with black residents.

[Translation: Emanuel had planned on sacrificing a series of innocent cops, in a futile effort to placate the racist, black mob.]

The timing and unusual nature of the suit by officer Robert Rialmo, who is seeking $10 million in damages, could complicate the department's efforts to demonstrate more sensitivity [anti-white racism] toward the community in how police shootings are handled. His attorney, Joel Brodsky, said it was important in the charged
His attorney, Joel Brodsky, said it was important in the charged atmosphere to send a message that police are “not targets for assaults” and “suffer damage like anybody else.”

[But Rahm Emanuel wants to communicate to “the community” that police absolutely are “targets for assaults.”]

The teen's father, Antonio LeGrier, filed a wrongful death lawsuit days after the Dec. 26 shooting, saying his son, Quintonio, was not armed with a weapon and was not a threat. [Of course. When are black men ever armed, in confrontations with whites?] His attorney, Basileios Foutris, was incredulous at what he called the officer's "temerity" in suing the grieving family of the person he shot.

"That's a new low even for the Chicago Police Department," he said. "First you shoot them, then you sue them."

The lawsuit provides the officer's first public account of how he says the shooting happened, offering details that differ with the family's version. It says Rialmo, who was responding to a domestic disturbance call with another officer, opened fire after Quintonio LeGrier swung a bat at the officer's head at close range. A downstairs neighbor, 55-year-old Bettie Jones, was standing nearby and was shot and killed by accident. She was not part of the domestic dispute.

"The fact that LeGrier's actions had forced Officer Rialmo to end LeGrier's life and to accidentally take the innocent life of Bettie Jones has caused, and will continue to cause, Officer Rialmo to suffer extreme emotional trauma," the filing says.

When arriving at the scene around 4:30 a.m. on Dec. 26, Rialmo rang the doorbell of the two-story apartment building. Jones answered and directed them to the upstairs apartment. As Rialmo stepped through the doorway, he heard someone "charging down the stairway," the suit says.

It describes the teen coming down the stairs with a baseball bat in hand and says LeGrier "cocked" the bat "and took a full sing at Officer Rialmo's head, missing it by inches" when the two were around 4 feet apart.

The officer then backed away with his weapon still holstered, according to the suit, while repeatedly shouting at LeGrier to drop the bat.

But the suit says LeGrier kept advancing and swung the bat again. Only when LeGrier cocked the bat again from 3 or 4 feet away, did the officer pull out his 9 mm handgun and open fire, the filing says.

As he began firing, Rialmo did not see or hear Jones behind LeGrier, the suit says. It says one of the bullets went through LeGrier's body and struck Jones, killing her.

An autopsy determined that LeGrier suffered six bullet wounds.

Lawyers for Antonio LeGrier and for Jones have provided accounts that differ from Rialmo's. They say the evidence indicates the officer was 20 or 30 feet away when he fired, calling into question Rialmo's contention that he feared for his life.

Foutris also questions why the teen would attack the officer since he was the one who called 911. The father of the Northern Illinois University student also made a 911 call.

"If you're calling multiple times for help are you going to charge a police officer and try to hit him with a bat? That's ridiculous," Foutris said.

[The perp was nuts. People make domestic calls, and then turn on the cops who come to rescue them all time. That’s why cops hate answering domestic calls. Foutris is ridiculous.]

County prosecutors have asked the FBI to investigate the shooting.

A Police Department spokesman refused to comment on the officer's lawsuit.

Such a lawsuit by an officer is extraordinarily unusual, said Phil Turner, a former federal prosecutor and current defense attorney who is not connected to the case.

He questioned whether a judge would give it any merit and said it appeared intended to intimidate LeGrier's family. [That’s ridic. How could Rialmo possibly intimidate a family of cut-throats?] He said he had never heard of an officer blaming his shooting victim [sic] for causing trauma.

[LeGrier wasn’t the vic; he was the perp.]

"That is a known part of the job," Turner said of policing's emotional toll.


Anonymous said...

What an unlucky victim, to be shot dead by a bullet penetrating the intended target. It's interesting how people want to witness criminal activity, marching toward the sound of gun fire, not realizing that the ancient law of warfare, "If the enemy is in range, then so are you" applies to bystanders as well. New Jersey makes it illegal for civilians to carry hollow-point ammunition in their pistol in concealed carry, ammo that would tend to keep bullets within the human body. Years ago, the news media following their anti-gun cosmopolitan masters were attacking "Black Talon" hollow point ammo because they allegedly did too much damage to a target body.

Anonymous said...

Dirtbag perps also make 911 calls with the deliberate intent of attacking the responding officer.

I think this copper is amazing and I wish him luck in his venture.

Anonymous said...

Negroes, more fun than a barrel of... monkies...

Anonymous said...

Blacks will never trust the police. The police are continuously stopping them from doing what they do best, and they hate that.

jeigheff said...

I wish Rialmo all the best. I hope he wins.

Anonymous said...

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