Wednesday, April 20, 2016

“Love Wins Fag”: The Gay Hate Crime Hoax du Jour; Real Vic is Suing


The hoaxer went to the trouble of writing the word "FAG" on the case in matching icing, and pc Webzine Business Insider has pixelated it

By Nicholas Stix



I was able to find an uncensored version at Power Line Blog


Anonymous said...

Free speech defeated again.
Former all star pitcher and Red Sox hero Curt Schilling was fired from ESPN for posting an image of a transgender male in a womans bathroom and commenting that"he s a guy and should be in the mens bathroom".
ESPN,in its wisdom said "we are an inclusive company"...and therefore you must leave (because we re not THAT inclusive.)
I could possibly see punishing Schilling if he were to say something ON THE AIR that ESPN disagreed with,but in his free time,I don t see where ESPN gets to control you--unless you are breaking the law.Since giving an opinion is not yet considered illegal Schilling should sue for reinstatement.
Many athletes commit drug and assault crimes,but do not get fired.This is not even at the level of jaywalking,yet the punishment is severe.I hope Schilling finds a lawyer and pursues this.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Only the independently wealthy have "Freedom of Speech" in Amerika. Everyone else gets fired. That is why everyone that posts comments on the internet uses pseudo-names.

In Chicago, Iranian demonstrators wore masks. The government said you couldn't wear masks in public while demonstrating, took it to court, and won, thus destroying anonymous free speech and endangering those that demonstrate. That means the police "Red Squads" can photograph and ID demonstrators merely exercising their rights.