Friday, April 15, 2016

What’s Behind Associated Press Propaganda Story, Promoting Sexual Psychosis in Kansas Public Schools?



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“How Elites Impose Gay Marriage from the Top Down”; and

“In Fort Worth, Aggressively Homosexualist Teacher, Administrators Punish Boy for Whispered Opposition to Homosexuality.”]

What a phony story. AP operative Gordon Bassham is just engaging in propaganda for sexual psychos. A real news report would have exposed the alleged adults who put the kids up to this, probably alleged educators running their school’s “GLSEN/GSA”—“Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network/Gay-Straight Alliance.”

GLSEN/GSA was founded by militant homosexual missionary, Kevin Jennings, who founded the first “GSA.”

As Sonje Dalton wrote,

“Jennings wrote the foreword for the book, Queering Elementary Education.”

• Creating pro-queer “bullying” curriculae and “safe spaces”

• Campaigning against language like “that’s so gay” as “anti-LGBT” (positioned as "hate speech")

• Establishing GSA’s, celebrating “Day of Silence” and “Ally Week,” “No Name Calling Week,” and "TransAction" day

• Getting books into classrooms and libraries (books like “And Tango Makes Three,” “Heather Has Two Mommies” and “Rainbow Boys” and more)

• Conducting/distributing a “National School Climate Survey” (propaganda)

• Political lobbying and legislation like federal bill HR 2262, which results in pro-homosexual teacher training..... Like this one in Iowa,
And this one in Massachusetts.

Whenever you hear about the need for “anti-bullying” pedagogy and programs in the schools, that’s code for the queering of that school. Likewise for the phrase “safe schools.”

Jennings wrote at least five homosexual propaganda books to indoctrinate school children into homosexuality.

The John Doe calling himself “Barack Hussein Obama” rewarded Jennings by making him his queer czar.

GLSEN/GSA has been supported by the SPLC since long before the rise to power of “Obama.” The SPLC, the nation’s foremost hate group, has long produced “curricular” materials, which it distributes via its Web site,, which aim to recruit and “turn” both sexually normal and confused children as young as five years of age. In one propaganda plan, the “educator” seeks to persuade little boys as young as five to come to school wearing their mother’s dresses. As one person I told about that pointed out, the little boys would trip over the dresses, and get hurt.

GLSEN’s GSA page asserts,

“Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) are student clubs that work to improve school climate for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. Find out how to start a GSA, build on your GSAs current work, celebrate various identities through various resources, and most of all register your GSA!”

What a lie. GSAs seek to queer entire schools, and make them inhospitable for normal students.

The student quoted in the story, below, Rachel Mickey of Olathe, Kansas, lives in a town with five GSAs.

Students protest transgender bathroom bill at state capitol
By Gordon Bassham
April 15, 2016, 5:29 p.m.

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSN) - High school students lined up in front of the Kansas capitol Friday to protest a bill they believe would limit transgender rights in the state.

The measure would prevent transgender students from using the restroom they identify with in public schools and universities.

The bill's sponsors say its meant to prevent other students from feeling any potential embarrassment, shame or psychological injury by sharing the restroom.

The students say they don't want to see that kind of hate or discrimination here in Kansas.

"Most people have probably been in a bathroom with a transgender person, and didn't even know it," said Rachel Mickey of Olathe. "It's not. You shouldn't be out to pick on someone in a crowd or to ostracize them."

The bill has not been discussed by lawmakers or even passed out of committee yet. Lawmakers will return on April 27th for the wrap-up session, and it's not clear whether they intend to tackle the proposal.


Anonymous said...

I don't feel like sharing a restroom with a bunch of bull dykes, and I doubt normal women are comfortable using a restroom with transvestites sitting around shaving their hairy legs or whatever it is that they do in there.

How did we get to the point where forcing this kind of freak show on public institutions is commendable and uplifting and good, and opposing it makes you a hateful Nazi fascist?

Anonymous said...

The basis for our society is a heterosexual lifestyle.It s the most beneficial for the country and the world.Gay and LBGTs are a minority and provide NO benefit and therefore should not be given the rights of heteros.They should not be persecuted,but THEY are the ones who should blend in--not us bending backwards to make laws to make THEM feel comfortable.Do we need to build ramps (a la for wheelchair access)so these trannies can walk in their high heels safely?The percentage of LBGTs is miniscule,yet they are given more accommodations and allowances than our senior citizens and military vets.
As with blacks,who are 12-14% of the population and are being being seen in TV far more often in comparison to their numbers of people,the gays and crossdressers are even more an exaggerated group.Soon murderers and rapists will say they are being discriminated against (if they aren t already)because they just happen to have done something that most consider s a lifestyle choice.Don t hate us because we kill.
The tolerance of crime and fringe lifestyles is rapidly expanding.Why?I have no idea.
---GR Anonymous