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Black Mass Murderer (No, Not that Black Mass Murderer!) Slaughters Five, then Kills Self


An old mug shot of the late Wayne Anthony Hawes

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Gunman Fatally Shoots Five People in Two Georgia Homes Before Killing Himself: Authorities
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A gunman shot five people dead at two residences in eastern Georgia, then turned the gun on himself in his home, authorities said.

Authorities first discovered two women and a man fatally shot Friday night at one address in Appling, said Capt. Andy Shedd of Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

Shortly thereafter, police got a call of another crime scene a half-mile away in the same town. There, they found two other people shot dead — a man and a woman, he said.

The shootings occurred about 40 minutes apart, police said.

“We believe the two shootings were related based on witness accounts,” Shedd said.

Police: Victims related to suspect’s wife

Authorities said they identified the suspect as Wayne Anthony Hawes, 50, and conducted surveillance on his home in Appling.

They entered the house after midnight Saturday and found the suspect dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

“Also inside was evidence that the suspect attempted to set fire to the house, unsuccessfully,” Shedd said.

Authorities said some of the victims were related to Hawes’ wife.

The victims from the first shooting were identified as Roosevelt Burns, 75; Rheba Mae Dent, 85; and Kelia Clark, 31.

Police identified those killed at the second location as Lizzy Williams, 59; and Shelly Williams, 62.

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Anonymous said...

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But this is NBC--the Negro Broadcast Network and the show is the Negro Nightly News with Lester Holt....except it's "news" is slanted only for blacks.
---GR Anonymous