Thursday, April 14, 2016

At the New York Times, a Reader Comment Expressing Decency and Honesty Somehow was Made a “NYT Pick”

By Nicholas Stix

An old friend sent me this earlier today.

... the Thomas Friedman article Steve Sailer covers here:
“The White Death is Real, and Mexico is Partly to Blame.”

Here's the comment:

Roger Hicks London, UK 16 hours ago

How much longer do you think that Native Europeans are going to elect governments which allow the madness of mass poor-world immigration into Europe to continue?

And madness it is, 1) because Europe is already overpopulated, and 2) because, being of different race, culture and history from Native Europeans, these millions of immigrants and refugees are undermining European national identities, which formed the bedrock of the nation state.

A nation can tolerate a small amount of ethnic diversity, with the emphasis on SMALL. To expect Europeans to tolerate, let alone "celebrate", DIVERSITY to the extent that it is resulting in their own ethnic decline and ultimate demise, is Orwellian and totally insane. But this is what is happening at the moment, encouraged by "progressives" who write for the NYT.

Native Americans didn't have the means to drive Europeans out of their continent when they came and took it over, but would have been morally justified, indeed obligated, in doing so if they had.

Native Europeans DO have the means. We also have the moral obligation to defend our continent from being taken over by Africans or anyone else.

Our problem is not immigrants or refugees, whom we could deal with easily, in a civilised but firm fashion, which doesn't betray our own ethnic self-interests. Our problem is with a white "progressive" elites, in Europe and America, who are beholden to an ideology of white racial self-denial and self-contempt.

There are 84 comments in total (now closed), and among them are four "NYT Picks." And that's one of them!!! Does VDARE have a mole at the Times??

The Hicks comment also has attracted 88 up-votes. (Some of the other comments have more.)

Just for documentation (pinch me!), I'm attaching a screenshot. [N.S.: I couldn’t re-post that.]

The Friedman article itself is here.

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Hear hear.Preaching to the choir.