Friday, April 29, 2016

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Just Gave a Meaningless Endorsement to Ted Cruz in His State’s Primary

By Nicholas Stix

Mike Pence is yet another phony GOP “conservative.” Back In 2006, he claimed to have come up with a “compromise” on immigration that was just a disguised mass amnesty of illegal aliens. Ted Cruz has acted similarly, talking tough on illegal immigration, but being soft on legal immigration.

I’ll give Pence this, however: He said a lot of nice things about Donald Trump, and promised to work his “heart out,” to help elect whoever wins the nomination.

When Pence started to criticize the John Doe who calls himself “Barack Hussein Obama,” saying how much nicer it would be “to have someone working for us, rather than against us,” CNN immediately cut him off.

CNN host Ashleigh Banfield just called Pence’s endorsement “colossal news,” but that’s because she’s desperately trying to keep viewers interested, and in order to try and hurt Donald Trump.

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