Monday, April 11, 2016

Are These Pictures of an English Hero, and of a Terrorist in England?

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Jerry pdx
Continuing with the Haruka Weiser murder by a racist negro....
I caught this news bit on CBS, watch the video, less than a minute in the police spokesman say it was definitely a "random" incident. We know, of course, that's a stock answer anytime a perp is black. Then they interview one of her teachers, guess what? The teacher happens to be black. I wonder how many of her teachers were black? I'd bet that he's the only one, which is undoubtedly why they chose him.
I live in the Portland metro area so this story is getting a lot of attention, but I've still yet to see a local "news" outlet post this POS's picture, it's probably going to happen soon but if he were white his face would have been on every outlet from the get go. The story focus on the girl and her life with lots of teeth gnashing and moaning about how wonderful she was, I have nothing against that but when it's used to distract from a racist murderer I find it to be phony to a degree.